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Fire it Up

29 Jun

Summer breathes life back into bbq’s, chilling on a patio, scantily clad women and for me, Trance music. My music tastes change with the seasons and when the sun is shining, the brewskies are flowing and the music is pumping I want to hear something with a pulse. Something that makes me move and gets the energy flowing.

So tonight, as I was wasting away a perfectly good summer evening on the treadmill, this tune crept into my headphones. I was suddenly filled with an abundance of spare energy that I can only imagine comes from a good great pump up jam. So crank this track this weekend if you’re blowing off some steam, laying on the beach or getting fired up for a wild night out on the town with your buds.

Cold Blue & Del Mar- 11 days (Sebastian Brandt Remix) by Theconductor2010

Throwback Feel Good Song of the Week

29 Jun

It really is funny how a string of things can come together to make something amazing. Yes this is me calling this post amazing. Prepare to be disappointed!

I am going to start something new here, and post one Throwback Feel Good Song of the Week from now on. Basically anything I used to love but gets no radio play now.

I’m currently spending the week at my parents taking some time off from school. Since they live in the town nicknamed The Suck, there is little to nothing to do. This left me with the idea to riffle through some boxes and shit that has been packed up since I moved out. My parents are really enjoying the empty nest feeling.

In one of those boxes I found a ton of old mixed CD’s. I spent some time going through them and Three Six Mafia jumped out at me. Stay Fly used to be my JOINT! I would listen to that song 20 times a day. It was my hype up song for ball games, my cruising tune, it was everything.

But what’s funny is I also watched a 6 or 7 minute mini-doc on Purple Drank, the drink of rappers and athletes alike. Three Six Mafia were featured in that story, and it is good enough for me to share to you. It is an interesting look into what the Purple Syrup you always hear about really is. Click here to check it out, or on the picture above.

Stay Fly (feat. Young Buck, Eightball & MJG) – Three Six Mafia

First Thing They Told Us Was Not To Give a F*ck

27 Jun

It’s been a slow couple weeks from the boys here at Ambassador Beats. I’ve been locked to the library studying for my spring semester finals, while The Conductor has been off saving the youth of Strathroy. You could call us heroes, but I don’t think heroes gives us enough credit.

Alright enough with the bullshit, today I’ve got some chill rap for you. The Roots as you may know are the backing band for the Jimmy Fallon show. I’ve always ALWAYS been a Leno guy (Fuck Conan) so I don’t usually stay up to catch The Roots on a nightly basis, but I really should. These guys have been pumping out live instrumentation rap for more than 10 years.

It was rumoured that their last album Rising Down would be their last effort, but leader/producer Questlove decided that at least one more album could be thrown together.

How I Got Over is outstanding. You might have heard the single, which shares the album name. It was dropped a few months ago and has been the jam of my summer. The album itself has just a ton of guest features, more than likely picked up from the green room at the Late Night set but I don’t mind. My favourite is their sample of Monster of Folk’s Dear God. Check it out, you’ll be better for it.

Dear God 2.0 – The Roots feat. Monsters of Folk

Part II- Avicii

27 Jun

Avicii is an artist that could not be left off my top 4 favorite progressive house dj’s/producers. He has been labeled as the Swedish Future and is a strong contributor to the unbelievable talent that is coming out of Sweden. Avicii/Tim Berg has quickly moved up from 18 year old newcomer to a seasoned vet due in large part to once again, consistency. His productions over the past 2 years have proven that you can expect nothing less than a certified party tune (perfect for any summer day/night). If you were lucky enough to be in LA this past weekend for the Electric Daisy Carnival you would have seen him destroying dance floors with his big room musical explosions. Check out these 3 tunes (which you can download for free) and just picture the fog machine blasting through your sweat drenched hair, fist pumps in full force. Or, see it first hand this Wednesday for a massive Canada Day celebration at the Guv with Deadmau5, Benny Benassi & MSTRKFT to name a few.

The Guvernment

Avicii Myspace

Phonat- Set Me Free (Avicii Mix) by Theconductor2010

Solu Music ft. Kimblee- Fade (Avicii 2009 Remix) by Theconductor2010

Avicii- New World (Original Mix) by Theconductor2010

Remember The King

24 Jun

I can’t quite believe that it has been a year since the passing of Michael Jackson. Last year at this time I was studying up and getting ready for a final exam. I flipped on the TV and every channel was bombarded with Michael Jackson news.

I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan, actually I was usually the guy who had lots of pedophile or race jokes to go with any MJ situation. But after he passed and I saw the amount of people who were affected by his music I finally decided to give it a shot.

Check out a Michael Jackson remix album by clicking Read More.

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Part 1: EDX

20 Jun

This is the first installment of a four part mini-series on the genre of progressive house and 4 of my favourite dj’s/producers.

When I see the name EDX I can only think of the consistency in this guy’s sound. From remixes to original productions he has a reputation for delivering smooth, bouncy dance floor bombs with a summer feel to them. His remixes always keep the consistency of the original but bring in the added texture and flavour that he seems to bring on every track. His collaborations with artists like Kaskade, Deadmau5 and Adam K have solidified him in the progressive house field and the future is looking very bright for this guy. Check out these two remixes and the original mix- Hoover, perfect for a lazy sunday night.

Kaskade- Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Re-Dub) by Theconductor2010

Spaceship feat. Kelis,, Jean-Baptiste (EDX’s Dubai Skyline Remix) by Theconductor2010

EDX- Hoover (Original Mix) by Theconductor2010

Do Right And Kill Everything

16 Jun

Ambassador Beats was there to provide you with the drake leak and now the album of the year has officially dropped! To celebrate this occasion, Cookin’ Souls and Don Cannon have come together to release a full Remix Album.

One of the positive aspects, if there is a positive aspect to an album leak, is that we get more CDQ remixes faster.

Here’s the lead track off the remix album and click on Read More to check out a couple more tracks and the full album download.

Fireworks feat. Alicia Keys

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Progressive House

13 Jun

With the ever increasing styles, genres and overall creativity that occurrs on a daily basis within the electronic music industry I find it helpful to organize my music categorically to keep up with it all. House music is taking over the world and it seems that there is constantly new subgenres of house music blossoming. The variety that has developed from different artists and producers from all necks of the woods demonstrates how each continent and even some cities have their own style and  taste for house music. From Baltimore house, to Acid house, Deep house, Disco house, Electro house, Fidget house, Tech house, Tribal house and Dutch house the list goes on and on. Beatport has 40 classifications of house music but arguably the most popular style and my personal favorite is progressive house.

Fragma vs. P. Diddy- Toca’s Last Night (Deadmau5 Remix)

The term progressive house refers to the slow buildups that take you through a rollercoaster of melody leaving you begging for the drop and feeling so relieved when your ears are finally satisfied with a big, bouncing climax. Only to be picked back up again for often two or three more climaxes, who can complain about that? The gradual addition of new sounds takes the song from a minimal beat to something infused with life and the juicy breakdowns and synth laced beat patterns provide the fuel for the glorious fire. Adding in vocals only intensifies the experience and keeps you coming back for more.

Kaskade & EDX- Dont Stop ft. Haley

If you dont believe me, check out these 3 certified bombs just waiting to be put on that summer playlist and stay tuned for the 4 part series on progressive house artists/producers to follow…

I Keep Breathing (Return from Paradise Vocal Mix)

Recovery Review

10 Jun

On June 22nd Eminem is set to drop his brand new redemption record Recovery. The album talks about his second chance to come back to the game, his shittastical last two albums and how much Proof’s death really shook him. It is a return to form that for sure. After a slow few years in hip-hop where the focus has shifted away from word play and more onto the beats and chorus, the self-proclaimed Fire Marshall is here to spit fire and straighten the game out.  Being as how this album leaked a couple days ago, we have had some time to listen and deconstruct this effort so click back in a few days for my review.

Here is the video for the first single Not Afraid, as well we have our favorite song on the record No Love which features Lil Wayne.

Eminem feat Lil Wayne – No Love
No Love (Ft. Lil Wayne) – Eminem by codhoppersbeats

Movement 2010

3 Jun

Day 1 review of the Detroit Electronic Music Review plus free music?…

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Champ 2 Be

2 Jun

Head to Codhoppers Corner to download the new Tokyo Police Album

My Haze Got Colors Like It’s Been In A Paint Fight

1 Jun

They’re Back! The mixtape masters The Cool Kids just dropped Tacklebox and it is just what they claim to be, cool. I’m giving this a listen this morning and will come back with a review or an update later this week.

For now enjoy Flying Kites one of the best songs on the tape below and click on the d/l link to pick this tape up.

Download the Tacklebox Mixtape Here

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