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31 Aug

When I stumble upon a new EDX track I rarely actually listen to it before I have begun writing a post. As I outlined in my top 4 favorite house dj/producer series, EDX does not mess around. Here is a chill progressive house tune to prove my point. A slow building beat with female vocals= EDX bomb

EDX ft. Tamra Keenan- Out Of The Rain (Extended Mix)


There’s A Hole in my Chest Like the Middle of His Guitar

31 Aug

Nic Newsham formerly of Gatsby’s American Dream and Nick Vombrack of Dr. Manhattan have come together to create a long distance music project called Princess Dinosaur.

They have created this album in hopes to produce a “calm-yet-intense” sound that put bands like Brand New and As Cities Burn on the map.

Their debut EP A Goldfish and his Friends is available for free download here and all you have to do to download it is share a tweet!

Check out the lead song off the EP Oak Island below and go download this album now!

Oak Island – Princess Dinosaur

If Your Breathing

31 Aug

Emay is a Canadian poet/rapper/producer who is putting his own spin on alternative hip-hop.

He has a new single out that is about taking the world for granted and being socially aware of what the world expects from you. It’s so random that I found this song while reading my sociology textbook that is talking about the same thing.

Check out his brand new single If Your Breathing below as well as his Emay, Karen O and the Kids EP. All are available for free download at his bandcamp site.

This is Not a Revolution

31 Aug

Finally the day has come and the self-titled Terrible Things album has been released! This band consists of former members of Taking Back Sunday, Hot Rod Circuit and Coheed and Cambria and they pump out amazing sounding rock and roll.

This is a concept album about fires that used to haunt Fred Mascherino’s home town. Unlike other concept albums this one is good from cover to cover. It has been a while since Mascherino has released anything so it is nice to have some new material from him.

Check out Up At Night below and go out and pick up the Terrible Things album today from Itunes or any good music retailer.

Up At Night – Terrible Things


31 Aug

Mind blowing and earth shattering tune here courtesy of High Rankin & Evolve or Die. They take the Ian Brown classic and inject it with bass, wobble and one big monster slap in the face. Dont be thrown off by the slow buildup, this track will haunt your dreams.

Ian Brown – F.E.A.R. (High Rankin & Evolve or Die Remix) FREE DL

Music Sounds Better With A Remix

30 Aug

This post highlights what I love about electronic music… the art of the remix. Just when you think you are sick of the original track, a fresh new remix pops up breathing an unexpected life into the tune. Case in point, Stardust’s 1998 hit ‘Music Sounds Better With You’. This is a one hit wonder from the collaborative project consisting of Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond. Bangalter went on to continue as the 2nd half of Daft Punk , Braxe continues to pump out remixes with the likes of Fred Falke and Diamond went the solo direction. Regardless of their breakup, this track continues to rock dance floors nationwide. Get your fix of House, Mashups, Electro and Drum and Bass remixes here…

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With you

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Sunny Sunday Afternoon Beats

29 Aug

New EP from Progressive House dj Dinka. Known for producing tracks with a euphoric/tropical island/I want to chill on the beach and drink mohitos feel to them. This track is my favorite from the ‘Hive’ EP which you can buy HERE 

Dinka- Selling England (Original Mix)

Dj Philistine

29 Aug

If you havn’t already heard this dubstep remix to the classic dance track ‘better off alone’ then let me be the first to introduce you to Dj Philistine. His musical portfolio consists of an array of house, dubstep, hip hop remixes/mashups with a GirlTalk esq way of mixing and combining crowd pleasing hits. He has recently been brought to my attention along with fellow up and comer 5 & A Dime (see box player to the right for his new track) and both provide a fresh new vibe to the mashup and remix world. Check out more Dj Philistine tunes HERE

Better Off Alone(DJ Philistine & Kewl Breez Dubstep Remix) by DJ Philistine

DJ Philistine Tracks by DJ Philistine

EDIT: We got an email from Kewl Breez letting us know that this was a colab track so here is his soundcloud. Be sure to check it out and support amazing music.


27 Aug

He’s Back! After recently saying that he will release a new song every friday until christmas, calling it “Good Friday”, Kanye delivered today with Monster.

He also said to expect a 5 song EP entitled Watch The Throne from him and Jay-Z.

Monster features Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver and Nickie Minaj and is a club banger.

Check out the song below and check back because Ambassador Beats will provide Watch The Throne the day it drops.

Monster – Kanye West

I’m Nothing More Than Another Body

26 Aug

Keeping with the support good bands theme, I bring you Detroit’s own Squid the Whale. I stumbled upon these guys while commenting on a forum on Absolute Punk and am so glad that I did.

They released their first 8 song LP in June of this year entitled A Worrisome Voyage Though Inclement Weather and it is outstanding.

Being a self-described DIY band with a goal to get their music heard Squid The Whale have gone the bandcamp route and posted the album up for all to hear and hopefully purchase, for only 8 dollars. Check out the LP below and if you like it, but it. Support good band who need your support!

Help Bring I The Mighty To Detroit!

26 Aug

One of my new favourite bands I The Mighty really need our help right now. They have made the top 10 finalists for the Fall AP Tour, which is huge. There are only 6 days left to vote them onto the tour and can use every vote.

Click here to vote and vote as many times as you can with every email you have. I’ve voted a ridiculous amount of times already as I really want to see them play in Detroit.

Check out their debut EP below and download it for free from their bandcamp. Support good new bands who need your support!

Bromance Teaser

26 Aug

This track is going to be absolutely enormous and will no doubt be one of, if not the biggest tunes of 2010, mark my words. Avicii/Tim Berg’s Vocal Edit to ‘Bromance’ drops October 24th and you can bet your bottom dollar that AmbassadorBeats will have it…  

Tim Berg – Bromance (The Love You Seek) (Avicii’s Vocal Edit) by Ministry of Sound


25 Aug

While watching A Day In The Life with Rusko I realized there was a track from him that I didnt have… After some quick research I realized it was the monster hit Hold On. The Sub Focus remix garnered so much attention that the original tune somehow slipped through the cracks. Here are both in case you missed the boat like me.

Rusko- “Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman)”

Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)


24 Aug

Since Codhoppers has mentally checked out, due to some late summer studying (who goes to school in the summer? geeze…) i’m attempting to pick up the slack here in the Hip Hop/Rap department. King Fantastic has been getting a lot of hype from their remix to the Glitch Mob’s- Drive it like you stole it (see below) and lucky for us, they have put their album up for for freeeeee. If you are into dirty West Coast rhymes, spit over some bass heavy beats then this is for you. Listen/download the entire album HERE 

 The Glitch Mob- Drive It Like You Stole It (King Fantastic Remix) by TheConductor2o1o

Call It What You Wanna Call It…

23 Aug

The 2nd wave of remixes for the monster track ‘Alcoholic’ by Tim Berg just dropped. Three new remixes to add to the already plentiful list and Dada Life’s remix takes the cake. The duo from Sweden add a harder electro feel to this crowd pleaser and make it an automatic club banger.

Tim Berg- Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix) by TheConductor2o1o

More Incredibly Dope Sh*t

22 Aug

Found this little freestyle over at GoodMusicAllDay and it reassured me that Mac Miller is the next big thing. The kid is only 18 and he can rap with the best of them. If you didnt already get the brand new K.I.D.S mixtape get it HERE and keep a lookout for this up and comer in a music store near you.


22 Aug

Nothing beats waking up on a Sunday morning with an e-mail from a dj informing you of a brand new release. I awoke today, hurting from a solid night of shenanigans and was pleasantly greeted by a chilled out, bass filled slice of dubstep heaven. Baitface hails from Kent, Britain and clearly knows how to deliver a heavy tune. Check out his soundcloud HERE and the track ‘Tomorrow’ below.

Tomorrow by Baitface

I’m In Love

22 Aug

Alex Gaudino’s ‘Im In Love’ has been one of my favorite tunes of the summer and it just got the mashup treatment from one of my favorite dj’s in the world. Kaskade wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence and these free bootlegs that he keeps releasing should never stop. (Bonus: Check out the original and 3 nice remixes below)

Kaskade VS. Alex Gaudino “I’ll Never Dream I’m In Love” (Kaskade Mashup) by Kaskade

Alex Gaudino – I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It) by Ministry of Sound

Wish Her The Best With a F*ck You!

21 Aug

Probably my favourite music video of 2010. Great, just great.

Cee-lo – Fuck You

Weekend Mix

20 Aug

Being exposed to the ‘real world’ or the 9-5 working life, I feel that I have a revitalized appreciation for the weekends. Since I have been living the student life for so long I quickly forgot about how important those 2.5 days of freedom are. Whether you are chilling, being productive or partying I have gathered some new tunes to accompany you. Hit the jump for the newest and freshest Dubstep, House, Mashups and Drum N Bass

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