Conditions Remixed

2 Nov

Last year’s Conditions is an amazing album. I love every song on the album and it is easily my favourite record last year, but if your an avid Ambassador Beats reader you already knew that. I post remixes from this album as often as I can.

Well yesterday Conditions Remixed was released. The name basically says it all, but it is an album comprised completely of brand new remixes by some of the biggest DJ’s and Producers in the game. Rusko, Alan Wilkins, Adam Freeland, just to name a few make appearances on this record.

What is awesome about this album is that rather than focusing on two or three songs and offering several different remixes of the same song, each song from Conditions received the remix treatment in its own special way. It is like experiencing the album for the first time all over again.

Last night The Conductor and I played the Alan Wilkins remix to Sweet Disposition on The Rinse and I’ll probably throw another one of the songs from this album on the Weekly Webisode, so check back for that. But until then you can listen to the entire album below. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Conditions Remixed”


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