Save The World Remixes

20 Jun

Swedish House Mafia are currently holding down a residency in Ibiza for the summer and there is no doubt in my mind that even these guys are sick of hearing this track. The original ‘Save The World’ officially came out a few weeks ago and instantly gained international attention and mass appeal. It’s been played so many times on my Itunes that my girlfriend has literally threatened to punch me square in the face if she hears it one more time.

Luckily for us we have had guys like David Berrie and Alesso to help us save face and to keep this song alive and today I am happy to pass on 2 MORE remixes to rekindle your love, or possibly hatred.

#1: Cazzette diverts from the house music to deliver a much needed dubstep treatment. These guys should be on your radar as they are on the At Night Management roster alongside Avicii and Tom Hangs and deliver a unique blend of electro/house/dubstep… oh and there Swedish if that means anything.

Swedish House Mafia- Save The World (Cazzette DubbySteppy Bootleg)

#2: Next up is a harder DnB remix from Futurebound & Metrik that keeps the same melodic flow of the original only cranked up a few notches and BPM.

Swedish House Mafia- Save The World (Futurebound & Metrik Remix)

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