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Movements From Beyond EP

29 Jul

This one just came across the Ambassador Beats Google+ feed, and I just couldn’t pass it up. Usually I let The Conductor handle these beats, but I had my headphones on and decided to step up to the plate.

Marvin Zeyss is a upstart house and techno producer from Germany.  He just released a new EP entitled Movements From Beyond. This three song EP clocks in at just under a half hour, but it chalked full with deep house beats.

This is the perfect way to get your Friday going so chill out and listen to Movements From Beyond below. Click here to head to Beat Port to buy the EP.

What Makes The Musician?

28 Jul

I’ll be honest, this post comes from the recent and tragic passing of Amy Winehouse, but that event has left me with a lot of questions. Right after her death many questions were asked, how did she die, did she deserve to die, and so on and so forth, but the question that stuck with me is when people asked, how will she be remembered?

This question has led me to wonder, for how many people, does the personality or lifestyle of the artist reflect in whether you can enjoy their music or not. When I asked why my girlfriend was listening to Chris Brown recently, she said “I listen to his music, not his personality”, which was brilliant, just don’t tell her I told you.

Before Kanye has his renaissance last year I can remember asking The Conductor if he liked Kanye, and he told me that he couldn’t get around Kanye’s personality and his assholeness to enjoy his music.

I personally don’t believe that an individuals personality or lifestyle should influence how you feel about their music. I feel that going into listening to something with having negative feelings will send you out with a bias. But if you just don’t give a fuck about the artists and take the music for what it is, it makes the music a much more powerful and intimate experience.

But I want to get your opinion on this matter. Please vote in the poll and drop us your comments either in this post or via Twitter. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

As She Drove Away She Was Listening To Benny And The Jetts

28 Jul

I first wrote about TV Girl in February of this year and ever since if you called my cell phone, I’d hear If You Want It. It is literally the perfect song to be made into a ring tone.

Well today I might just have to switch things up now that TV Girl have released a brand new EP, Benny And The Jetts. Four brand new songs that will have you feeling nostalgic but rocking out at the same time.

Check out the EP below and head to TV Girl’s Facebook page to download the EP for free!

I Said I’d Make A Believer Out Of You

28 Jul

In my misled youth I always told myself that if I could get a band together that played more than covers we would play melodic punk music. Since I am writing and not being written about, you can clearly see how well that dream went.

But if I had made that band work I would have wanted to sound just like Pentimento. This dual vocalistic melodic punk rock music is exactly what has been missing in my life lately.

Pentimento just released a new EP entitled Wrecked on Panic Records. Lucky for you, the EP is streaming in its entirely on

I highly recommend checking this band out and picking up this EP today. You can check out my favourite song on the EP Everything’s Eventual below. As well click on Read More to check out their upcoming tour schedule with Heartwell.

Everything’s Eventual – Pentimento

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The M Machine

27 Jul

The M Machine formally known as Metropolis have unleashed their first single off their upcoming EP. Rumours floating around place The M Machine as a reincarnate of Pance Party and with the sudden name change from Metropolis it wouldn’t be a shocker. From what little information I could find The M Machine are managed alongside Porter Robinson & Penny by the highly respected Slush Management. Blogs are eating them up and artist support for their upcoming album is growing. Find out why The M Machine is the talk of the town with the electro infused ‘Trafalgar’ below and keep an ear out for the San Francisco based outfit.

The M Machine on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud

The M Machine- Trafalgar

Stroked! A Tribute To Is This It

26 Jul

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the first to The Strokes party, I actually didn’t come to appreciate Is This It till years after it was released. Also I feel anyone who wears the vintage Strokes t-shirt may be a douche bag.

Anyways… we’re coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the release of Is This It, and Stereogum has thrown together a tribute to the album which features 11 artists that each tackle a track and add their own person spin to it.

Owen Pallett gives an amazing rendition of Hard To Explain, the only track you’ll recognize if you aren’t familiar with The Strokes. But you should download it for Heems cover of New York City Cops.

Download Stroked! A Tribute To Is This It 

Hard To Explain – Owen Pallett 

New York City Cops – Heems 

Brand New Hoodie Allen Free Mixtape

26 Jul

Hoodie Allen is back! Last year we brought you The Pep Rally Mixtape and are proud to offer his brand new mix tape Leap Year.

This 13 track mix tape is supposed to mirror his life experiences since he left his job at Google to pursue music full time.

It’s great to hear from Hoodie again and you should listen to Can’t Hold Me Down right now! Ya it lift some lines but he does it in the best way over a soulful beat.

Stream and download the mix tape below for free. Enjoy.

Download Leap Year – Hoodie Allen 

Swimming in House Music

26 Jul

The house music fans have been suffering lately due to the release of 21 Dub St. but I have something to cheer you all up. Three big time releases from heavy hitters Cirez D, Jesse Voorn, Jean Elan, Dirty South and Thomas Gold. These tracks don’t need any explanation just hit the d/l button and escape into a sea of bouncing house beats.

Cirez D- Mokba (Original Mix)

Dirty South, Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth- Alive (Original Mix)

Jean Elan & Jesse Voorn- Cypher (Original Mix)

Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn- Better Half Of Me

24 Jul

Dash Berlin is at it again this time featuring the soothing vocals of Jonathan Mendelsohn. The king of trance follows up Earth Hour with this melodic anthem that will leave you in a constant state of euphoria.

Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn- Better Half of Me (Club Mix)

Ambassador Beats & Illa Scorsese Present: 21 Dub Street

21 Jul

This is by far the most talked about and anticipated post in Ambassador Beats history. For the past 6 months we have been teasing you with previews, leaks, radio interviews and today I am happy to bring you the final copy of 21 Dub Street!

The mixtape is a hip hop meets dubstep project in collaboration with Richmond, Virginia’s rising star- Illa Scorsese. Sitting at 34 minutes in length the record features 7 bass filled tracks courtesy of Zeds Dead, Bassnectar, Magnetic Man, Netsky, as well as original tracks from Paul David & Damn You Mongolians.

Illa Scorsese has poured his heart into this masterpiece and has once again proven that he is a diamond in the ruff. No rapper has successfully crossed over from R&B to Hip Hop to Electro to Drum n Bass to Dubstep and back the way Illa has. He has literally made genres his bitch and bass music his best friend all in the same breath.

If all the hype hasn’t inclined you to hit the DOWNLOAD button yet then preview these three tracks, be amazed and let 21 Dub Street take over your soundsystem.

Download 21 Dub St.

Illa Scorsese- Underwater ft. Tina Malia & Lew Giles (Prod. by Bassnectar)

Illa Scorsese- Rude (Prod. by Zeds Dead)

Illa Scorsese- Sci Fi High (Prod. by Paul David)

Hit the jump for tracklisting and information on the artists featured on 21 Dub St.

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Cross Pollination – Amp Magazine 2011 Summer Compilation

20 Jul

Why did no one tell me that the middle of July is the start of summer? Oh well not a big deal. Yesterday Ambassador Beats brought you the Dine Alone 2011 Summer Sampler and the DJ Benzi Sunscreen Mixtape so its only fitting that today we have the Amp Magazine 2011 Summer Compilation.

This compilation features 35 punk songs for free. There are a ton of awesome bands on this mix including Living With Lions, Broadway Calls, Red City Radio and Heartsounds just to name a few. You can click on Read More to view the full tracklist.

Download – Cross Pollination – Amp Magazine 2011 Summer Compilation 


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Jack’s Mannequin New Album and Single

19 Jul

Jacks Mannequin just announced that they will be releasing a new album on October 4th. People and Things will be the third album from the band and has a lot of fans eagerly awaiting its release.

Along with the album details, the band also released a new single entitled My Racing Thoughts.

You can check out the single below in a lyrics video and if you want to pick it up on Itunes, it will become available on August 2nd.

Diplo Remixed Mavado

19 Jul

Mavado is a Jamaican musician/actor/DJ/producer that I have never heard of, BUT Diplo just remixed his track Delilah. Maybe I missed the boat because it has over 8000 plays in one day, but I’m not worried.

Seeing as how I didn’t hear the original I can’t speak to it, but this remix is really good. If The Rinse was still on the air (and I wish it was) I would bring this song to the table to play.

Diplo often amazes me because of the range of music he works on. I learned that because of his wonderful Blackberry commercial that also taught me that BBM has allowed him to gain a closer relationship with artists. Anyways, check out Delilah by Mavado below and pick it up on Itunes if you feel so inclined.

Delilah – Mavado (Diplo Remix) 

Dirtyphonics – Oakwood

19 Jul

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about this, but it came across the Ambassador Beats twitter feed via Steve Aoki and I loved it.

Dim Mak Records are releasing a dubstep EP by Dirtyphonics and Oakwood is the first single. I’m sure The Conductor will fill me in on this once he gets off his kayak.

Check out the Dirtyphonics Facebook page for more info, and while you’re there, check out the Ambassador Beats Facebook page and Like us.

New DJ Benzi Sunscreen Mixtape

19 Jul

DJ Benzi has been hinting at this one for the past week so I’m pumped that its finally here. Sunscreen is 45 minutes of pure hits that is perfect for sitting poolside.

It features everything from hip-hop to classic rap and even a little moonbahton! So you can throw this on for your next BBQ and there is something for everyone.

You can stream and download the mixtape below and click on Read More to check out the full track list. The mix is 45 minutes straight and not split up into individual tracks so its already ready for your Itunes library, enjoy.

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2011 Dine Alone Summer Sampler

19 Jul

Dine Alone Records boasts some of the best in indie music right now, and because of that, this mix is amazing.

It features Tokyo Police Club, City and Colour and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart just to name a few. The Summer 2011 mix features 17 tracks that will have you rocking all night.

You can stream and download the mix below.

DJ Khaled – We The Best Forever

19 Jul

DJ Khaled’s new album dropped today and it features everyone under the sun. I’d list them all but that would take me all day. Say what you want about Khaled but he knows how to make mainstream hits that appeal to the masses.

We’ve heard a few tracks off this album already but I am going to share my personal favourite off the album, I’m Thuggin. This song features Waka Flocka Flame and Ace Hood and tells you exactly what to say when your girl asks for new shoes and a bag.

You can click here to head to Itunes to pick up this album for under $10. The album has your favourite rappers on it and every song on the album could possibly be released as a single.

I’m Thuggin – DJ Khaled feat. Waka Flocka Flame and Ace Hood 

End Of The Night – Karvel

19 Jul

It’s a new week which means a new tune from Karvel. Last week we brought you The Sun Song and now we have End Of The Night for your listening pleasure.

You can listen to the song below and if you like what you hear you can head here to download the track for free. Enjoy.

End Of The Night – Karvel 

Asher Roth – Another One Down (Radio Rip)

18 Jul

We brought you the new Asher Roth Summer Time video a few days ago but if you wanted more from Mr. Roth than you are in luck. Power 102.9 just premiered a brand new track off his upcoming LP.

The track is called Another One Down and features D.A. Wallach from Chester French. It is a more pop-friendly than you may be expecting from Asher Roth but I really like this track and can’t wait for the new album.

Another One Down – Asher Roth feat. D.A. Wallach (Radio Rip)

[All City Chess Club]

The Pierces – It Will Not Be Forgotten Video

17 Jul

I saw The Pierces on the Google+ feed from my new friend Jenny May who runs and I would like to just say thank you Jenny. I had never heard of The Pierces until now but each new song I hear is making me like them more and more. I did a little research and it seems these sisters currently only have an British record deal and are working to expand their audiences across the pond. But that doesn’t mean we can’t listen and enjoy their music until some smart American record company signs them

Check out more music from The Pierces at

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