Please Don’t Go Back To The Gulf of Mexico

8 Jul

One of the best things about running your own music website is the mailing lists that you get entered into. They expose me to some of the best (and worst) bands that I would have otherwise never get the chance to experience.

Today I received an email from about the London England band Scoundrels. They are listed as a blues rock british band, which normally I wouldn’t have ever given a second look at, but because Noise Trade recommended them, I gave them a chance, and am I ever glad that I did.

Their music is just as advertised, 4 British boys that spent a summer in the swamps of Louisiana. It is infectious and makes me want to take out a Buddy Guy record and drink the night away. I highly recommend checking these guys out right now. You can listen to Arrogance Blues below as well watch their brand new video for Gulf of Mexico. Step out of your musical comfort zone and experience something amazing.

You can click here to pick up their Sniff It Out EP for free. Enjoy 

Arrogance Blues – Scoundrels

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