Daytrotter Session – Max Bemis

10 Jul is one of my favourite websites and the concept behind it is what amazes me. If you remember the Webisode days of Ambassador Beats you’ll remember I usually had featured a Daytrotter tune, if not I’ll explain it to you now.

Daytrotter is a studio in Illinois that has a different band come in every day and record an raw acoustic session. No editing, no effects just pressing record and letting the musicians play and expose their god given talents.

Well last week my personal favourite Max Bemis stopped by to record a session and played probably the three songs any true Say Anything fan would want to hear done acoustically.

This session features The Church Channel, I Never Knew You Were So Lonely and I Want To Know Your Plans. I don’t think any three songs better capture what Max Bemis is and how amazing his songs are.

Check out I Want To Know Your Plans below and go download this EP today. It will be the perfect start to your week.

Download – Max Bemis Daytotter Session 

I Want To Know Your Plans – Max Bemis 

One Response to “Daytrotter Session – Max Bemis”

  1. Cinderella July 17, 2011 at 4:03 am #

    My hat is off to your atstue command over this topic—bravo!

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