Lew Giles- The Giles Davis Experience

14 Jul

In an over saturated hip hop market mixtapes are a dime a dozen. Theres a rapper on every block, in every city claiming to be the next best thing. Filling our ears with cheesy rhymes and empty claims it has become increasingly hard to find the true element of hip hop that we all crave- realness. In an industry that promotes quantity over quality and that ‘im the best alive’ attitude we as consumers miss out on really connecting with artists.

But what I am quickly learning is that the city of Richmond, VA is breeding a new crop of talent. It started with Illa Scorsese and now Lew Giles has opened our eyes to what hip hop should sound like- honest, real and completely genuine. “The Giles Davis Experience’ embodies everything that defines good music. Check out my favourite tracks off the album and download it HERE

It’s just that, an experience. A travel through a complex and simple mind. This project touches on my views on music, money, woman, and overall life. A honest audio opus of our sound and brand. A display of our downfalls and are accomplishments all in one. Very green friendly, as I keep a honest outlook on everything presented in this cd. This is a dream come true, a monument in the landscape of level Infinite Music. The goal mainly is to standout from the norm. So strap in, turn off all other audio devices, say good bye to the ground and rise to a infinite level on the Giles Davis Experience. Oh yeah and huff hard.

Lew Giles- All Hail Ft. Illa Scorsese

Lew Giles- Money Up Hands Down

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