What Makes The Musician?

28 Jul

I’ll be honest, this post comes from the recent and tragic passing of Amy Winehouse, but that event has left me with a lot of questions. Right after her death many questions were asked, how did she die, did she deserve to die, and so on and so forth, but the question that stuck with me is when people asked, how will she be remembered?

This question has led me to wonder, for how many people, does the personality or lifestyle of the artist reflect in whether you can enjoy their music or not. When I asked why my girlfriend was listening to Chris Brown recently, she said “I listen to his music, not his personality”, which was brilliant, just don’t tell her I told you.

Before Kanye has his renaissance last year I can remember asking The Conductor if he liked Kanye, and he told me that he couldn’t get around Kanye’s personality and his assholeness to enjoy his music.

I personally don’t believe that an individuals personality or lifestyle should influence how you feel about their music. I feel that going into listening to something with having negative feelings will send you out with a bias. But if you just don’t give a fuck about the artists and take the music for what it is, it makes the music a much more powerful and intimate experience.

But I want to get your opinion on this matter. Please vote in the poll and drop us your comments either in this post or via Twitter. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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