The End Of An Era

26 Aug


First and foremost, Ambassador Beats is not folding, so get that thought out of your mind. We continue to grow and share impeccable musical content daily. But today is really the end of an era.

If you’ve followed our site for a while you’ll know that The Conductor and I started Ambassador Beats from our apartment building with a view much like the picture shows of the Ambassador Bridge. We both had found our way to Windsor in search of higher education at the University of Windsor. The Conductor graduated from his Masters program in April and departed to cottage country before entering the real world. Over the past four months I have been holding down the dub but today is my last day in Windsor. I wrote the last exam of my BA Sociology degree last Saturday and start a brand new job in The Suck on Monday.

So although we have departed from Windsor, it will always hold a special place in our hearts, and the whole point of being an Ambassador is being able to go anywhere and implant yourself in their society and represent. I assure you that no matter where The Conductor and I end up, we will represent Ambassador Beats and continue to bring you the best in music.

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