Up All Night – New Blink 182 Video

26 Aug

It’s a well known fact that Blink 182 are my favourite band and I would do just about anything to hear new music from them. Well they released a new music video last night at midnight PST which is something crazy like 4 am here. In years past I may have just woken up at 4 am to listen to it the moment it was released. But I did not, I watched it at 6:30 this morning when I did wake up and now I care to share it with you.

I love the song, but am kinda confused with the video. It seems like a mix of the Stay Together For The Kids video that had to be reshot after 9/11 and the album cover of Say Anything’s In Defence Of Genre. I think it’s funny that they show a fence spray painted with the message No More Parents when all three band members and the majority of their oldest fans are all parents now. Regardless I can’t wait for this album to be released, like can’t wait…

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