Swedish House Mafia vs. Mat Zo & Arty

27 Aug

I made it clear that I was done with any more ‘Save The World’ remixes but this new mashup from Basile Radelfinger forced me to break some rules.

What I like most about this mashup is the way the overplayed vocals are given a whole new life with the seamless combination of house and trance music. The euphoric buildup takes the drop to a whole new level and makes me wonder why no one has given the SHM hit a trancey makeover. Either way Basile did something right with this track and it needs to be heard by the masses.

Check out more of Basile Radelfinger’s mashups and original productions on his Soundcloud and hit him up on Twitter

Swedish House Mafia & Mat Zo & Arty- Synapse Dynamic’s Save The World (Basile Radelfinger Mashup)

One Response to “Swedish House Mafia vs. Mat Zo & Arty”

  1. Basile Radelfinger August 28, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Thx for your support;-)
    it’s already a long time ago i created this mashup and i hoped for a clean studio acapella but i didn’t found so i had to create it with the original song and the result was quite satisfied XD
    thanks for liking it…

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