Sloan Select Singles Free Album Download

31 Aug

It’s so funny how things happen. I was just saying to myself “Kyle,” Ya, I call myself Kyle in my head, “Why do you not have all the Sloan albums in your iTunes collection?” Three days later I get an email from NoiseTrade announcing that in anticipation for their 10th album and 20th anniversary Sloan was releasing a free 14 song singles collection.

Select Singles offers the best singles that Sloan have released over the past 20 years and will fit perfectly into the vacant place in my iTunes.

You should head to the NoiseTrade Website right now and pick up this album right now. It will blow your mind what 4 Canadian rockers can produce. If you are not familiar with Sloan check out my two favourite tracks below. And if you got the Boy Meets World reference in the first paragraph, you win.

Money City Maniacs – Sloan
If It Feels Good Do It – Sloan 

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