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Kaskade & Adam K- Raining (Remix Competition)

30 Sep

Remix competitions are a beautiful thing. An open venue for aspiring producers to showcase their talents to popular artists and in this case, arguably two of EDM’s best producers.

Kaskade & Adam K have announced PIXL as the winner of the competition and his remix will be released on Ultra Records in the near future. Narrowing it down to the finalist would have been a major task with all the amazing submissions. Hit the jump to hear my favourites for runner up and download them all FOR FREE!

Kaskade & Adam K- Raining (PIXL Remix)

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Charlie Darker- Vader ft. Dante Leon

30 Sep

Hip Hop meets Dubstep yet again for an unbelievable collaboration between producer Charlie Darker and lyricist Dante Leon. This track is impressive from start to finish and Dante’s bars are the perfect match for this bass filled heater.

After you d/l Vader check out Charlie Darker on Soundcloud and preview the beatport chart topping remix he did for Mord Fustang below.

Charlie Darker- Vader ft. Dante Leon (Original Mix) D/L Here

Bonus Track:

Mord Fustang- The Electric Dream (Charlie Darker Remix)

Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon (Work In Progress)

30 Sep

Think Raise Your Weapon– stripped down to the bare essentials, no dubstep drop, no madeon and no big room appeal. Deadmau5 released this work in progress yesterday via Soundcloud and with almost 80,000 hits its clear that he could literally take a shit, wrap it in a bag, bang the bag on a set of drums and call it a #1 hit.

The vocals from Greta Svabo Bech are stunning and have a completely different feel with this version (which is stated as the ‘album version’). Not sure what will come of this but we will always keep you in the loop on upcoming Deadmau5 releases.

BT & Adam K- Tomahawk (Preview)

29 Sep

It’s safe to say that genres are a thing of the past. 2011 has seen the rise of moombahton, trouse and a variety of dubstep sub-genres all pushing new boundaries and uncharted territory. But one aspect of music production that has kept everything into perspective for me is the often forgotten key ingredient- melody. You can have the hardest, most bad ass bass filled banger but without a melody you’re fucked.

To put things into perspective lets take a listen to BT & Adam K’s upcoming release- Tomahawk. Progressive- check, Electro- check, Dubstep- check, Trouse- check… and it all fits together like its 2020 and the word genre isn’t even in the dictionary.

BT and Adam K have a MONSTER on their hands and as soon as release details surface we will keep you posted!

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso- Calling (Denzal Park Remode)

29 Sep

I’m a sucker for the remix… and tracks with two different drops. And Denzal Park does an excellent job of covering both while keeping the integrity of Calling intact while offering something completely fresh at the same time.

By now we’ve all heard so many mashups that this is an automatic home run simply for the fact that it’s not the original. Or because it’s better than the original… you be the judge.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso- Calling (Denzal Park Remode)

Gameday Regulars Skip The DL, Go Straight To The EP

28 Sep

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Mightier Than Sword are putting together one hell of a collection of bands. Gameday Regulars are another stunning example of this.

Yesterday they released their debut EP ….But It’s Hell In The Hallway and along with having one of the best band names in the music industry, they have one of the greatest debut EP’s I’ve ever heard.

To describe it best I would have to say it sounds like a mix of Living With Lions and In Bear Country, which is quite the compliment. You should go out and buy this EP from the Mightier Than Sword digital store, but first check out a couple songs off the EP below.

Hearts and Bones – Gameday Regulars
Smoke Jumpers – Gameday Regulars 

Listen To A Forbidden Dance by Alesana

28 Sep

Alesana are back with a brand new album entitled A Place Where The Sun Is Silent which is set to drop October 18th.

A couple days ago they released a new single which you can stream below. A Forbidden Dance is modern screamo done perfectly. It mixes in melodic vocals with screaming, infectious guitar lines, and trumpets! I’m a sucker for a trumpet part.

I really like where Alensana are going with this toned back screamo sound. I’m excited to hear the rest of the album but until then I’ll just keep A Forbidden Dance on repeat.

A Forbidden Dance – Alesana 

Go Buy Neighbourhoods – Blink 182

27 Sep

So it’s Tuesday and that means that brand new music has hit the record stores. Now I think its quite obvious that the Go Buy album of the week is Blink 182’s Neighbourhoods. Their first album in eight years, and it is really the culmination of all the crazy things that have happened since their Self-Titled album was released in 2003.

Blink broke up, started other bands, fought publicly, produced, and almost died. But despite this they have buried the hatchet and come back with an outstanding album that sounds exactly what you would expect Blink 182 to sound like in 2011. The fart and poop jokes are gone and a more mature sound has emerged.

The first thing I picked up on was how much it sounds like Angels and Airwaves meets +44, which ironically is exactly what has happened. The original reason they went on hiatus was that Tom wanted some time off to do his own thing and expand with a different sound. Mark and Travis eventually did the same thing. Now that they are recording again it sounds as though they have made a compromise and put the sounds together to make something amazing.

There are some standout tracks on the album, including Natives, After Midnight, and MH 4.18.2011. Also you have to listen to the Hearts All Gone and the Interlude that leads into the track. It’s hard to explain but the whole album just works. It’s all I’ve been listening to for the last week (yes I got an advanced copy) and I love it more each time I hear the album.

Stream Natives and MH 4.18.2011 below and go out and buy this album. Just do it

Natives – Blink 182
MH 4.18.2011 – Blink 182

Gravy & Mash

26 Sep

Heavy serving of delectables for you today courtesy of all the top notch chefs mashup artists. Lots of variety here including a stellar Free Fallin vs. Mo Money Mo Problems mash and another Green Velvet mix. I think its safe to say Nicky Romero took the bull by the horns on that remix- full support from practically every single dj on the planet. Oh and there all FREE DOWNLOADS woooo!

Notorious B.I.G & P.Diddy vs. Tom Petty- Mo Free Mo Fallin’ (The White Panda Mashup)

Kaskade & Tiesto vs. Green Velvet- Only You Flash (Nicky Romero Mix) (Kaskade Mashup)

Flo Rida & Lil Wayne vs. Mt Eden- Fresh Leone (DOSVEC Mashup)

M&C- Do You Want It Right Now (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix)

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party- Miami 2 Antidote (Simon D Reboot) D/L Here

Daft Punk- Technologic (Tune Brothers Bootleg Mix)

Dezza- Allure + Tiesto’s Club Life 234

25 Sep

Everything Dezza touches turns to gold. The Nova Scotia native has been pouring out tune after tune and has been receiving plenty of support from all the big guys. Most recently, his newest track- Allure was played on last nights episode of Tiesto- Club Life.

After the success of Hefty and I Wonder it was only a matter of time before Dezza turned out another hit. His newest release embodies that heavy electro bass line filled with euphoric breakdowns and the epic drops that we have become accustomed to.

Pick up your copy of Allure when it drops on Oxygen Records tomorrow and check out our interview with Dezza to get yourself up to speed with the man behind the music.

Dezza- Allure (Tiesto Club Life 234)

Bonus Club Life Bootleg

I said I was done with Avicii and ‘Calling’ mashups but I had to make an exception for this one. Another huge feature on last night’s Club Life and Markob27 and Jacob van Hage were nice enough to release it for us.

Ingrosso, Alesso ft. Arty & Avicii- Calling Rebound Le7els (Jacob can Hage & Markob27 Bootleg)

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness (Matt Nash Remix)

25 Sep

The original is so good that it would be stupid to try and remix it, right? WRONG. This is my first time hearing a Matt Nash production and I am impressed. He beefs up the bassline on Avicii’s ear pleasing anthem but doesn’t go overboard. Chunky electro and an intact original can do no wrong in my opinion. Check out more from him on his Soundcloud.

After you download the remix preview the two OFFICIAL remixes due out on Avicii’s LE7ELS Records in the near future.

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness (Matt Nash Ext Remix) *Free D/L

Official Remixes

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness (MYNC Stadium Mix)

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers Remix)

Bob Marley vs. Richard Grey, Wolfgang Gartner & TJR

25 Sep

If Bob Marley were still around today I know for a fact he would be groovin’ to these three beauties, doobie in hand. He might even throw up a fist pump for Richard Grey’s housey pacha mix… TJR’s peak hour floor filler… or the perfect blend of electro and reggae alongside Wolfgang Gartner. Either way grab these tunes and continue to celebrate the legend in new and innovative ways.

Richard Grey vs. Bob Marley- No Deputy (Richard Grey Pacha Mix)

TJR- One Love (Bob Marley Bootleg)

Wolfgang Gartner vs. Bob Marley- The Way The Sun Is Shining

Check out Citizen Right Now

24 Sep

I’ve written before about checking out bands that bands you like recommend. That is exactly how I came across Citizen, a band from the Ohio/Michigan area which is right in my backyard. Turnover posted about them today, and I’m really happy they did.

Citizen are currently streaming their Young States EP on band camp right now and you can pick it up for the dirt cheap price of 4 dollars. You can’t get a better deal on a quality EP, I can promise you that.

Young States offers everything you would want from your punk rock. Gang vocals, melodic break downs and catchy lyrics. Don’t sleep on this band. Check out their Young States EP below as well as a two track acoustic EP.

SHM vs. Knife Party – Antidote Pete Tong Exclusive

24 Sep

The Conductor let you all know that Swedish House Mafia is set to release a new album and are going to play Madison Square Garden in the next little while. We’ll I have a two minute preview of a new track. Antidote the Pete Tong Exclusive aired yesterday on BBC Radio One and now I’m sharing it with you. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know the most about this genre, but it was too good to not share. So check out this Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party track and be excited for when the full track is released.

Dopest Mother F*cker Since Before I Hit The 7th Grade

24 Sep

Mac Miller has dropped the video for Smile Back, his second single off his upcoming debut album Blue Slide Park. Song is sick, video is sick, but I was worried. Mac Miller has a tendency to mix his best friends in the video. I made it through the entire video without seeing the white kid with long hair and I was worried that Mac Miller has cut his friends out of the video. Then the guys take their masks off and there he is, peace is restored in the world. Enjoy.

Big Sean vs. Zeds Dead- Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Jane Doze Mashup)

24 Sep

Jane Doze are an NYC based duo that know how to execute a seamless mash. Their latest effort brings together the smooth flow of Big Sean with Zeds Dead’s notorious bass filled instrumentals. This mashup is perfect and the dubstep hip hop combo is the bees knees in my books.

Check out more from Jane Doze on their Soundcloud and check out the standout track from the Ambassador Beats x Illa Scorsese dubstep meets hip hop mixtape below…

Big Sean vs. Zeds Dead- Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Jane Doze Mashup)

Bonus Zeds Dead mash

Illa Scorsese- Rude (Prod. By Zeds Dead)

Best Music Video I’ve Seen In A Long Time – Fireworks – Arrows

23 Sep

This video is just plain awesome. Piñata people being chased by a crazy arrow carrying murderer. Vomiting and bleeding candy. What a great concept. The song that goes along with the video is really great as well. Arrows comes off the new Fireworks album Gospels which is now available from iTunes or your local record establishment. Check out the video above and convince your friends that a piñata is a must for your next party.

New Music Video From XV – When We’re Done

23 Sep

We’ve brought you some XV tunes in the past, intact I still regularly listen to his song Foreign Exchange Student which samples Miami Horror. He has released a mixtape since then and just dropped a new video for When We’re Done which is a song off his Zero’s Heroes mixtape. The song is great and I expect great things in the next few months for XV. Enjoy

SHM Madison Square Garden/Milton Keynes Bowl Announcement + New Album

23 Sep

The wait is FINALLY over…

Alex Clare- Up All Night (Skream’s Behind Closed Doors Remix)

23 Sep

As the weather begins to darken you may notice my tastes in posts follow suit. Today as I watch the rain ruin my friday afternoon festivities I couldn’t think of a better soundtrack to match the mood. Skream delivers a hard hitting breakbeat remix to Alex Clare’s release on Universal Island Records. The slow buildup and late drop is reminiscent of his La Roux- In For The Kill remix and both give some life to the seemingly non-existent breakbeat genre.

You can buy the original and Nadastrom remix here.

Alex Clare- Up All Night (Skream’s Behind Closed Doors Remix)

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