There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You, For At Least Over A Month And A Half Now

1 Sep

Now that it’s September and school is right around the corner for many of you, here is a tip for our Canadian readers. On OLN every weekday at 11 am is a show called Departures. If you have been lucky enough to catch an episode you will know that Departures follows three friends as they travel around the world getting unprecedented access to some of the craziest places around the world. It’s a great show to watch when your in school because it allows you to see parts of the world while still eating lucky charms in your dorm room.

Anyways, in the third season of Departures, Justin and Scott go to Russia and end up judging a Beauty contest and during the montage a song played. I had seen the episode 4 or 5 times (I was home a lot at 11 am in the last three years) and loved this song but could never find it ANYWHERE. Finally I went through the credits of the episode and checked every song until I found the specific song I was looking for.

What Are You Going To Do With Me was the song and it is preformed by the Canadian band Paper Moon. I was so happy that I found the song I went to iTunes and purchased it immediately and it has been playing steadily ever since. I don’t know a single other thing about the band or any of there music, but I LOVE this song. So I titled the post the first line of the song and hopefully when someone watches Departures and discovers the song and searches for it, they will be able to find it a little bit easier.

What Are You Going To Do With Me – Paper Moon 

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