Sneaky Sound System- Big (John Dahlback Remix)

6 Sep

A few years ago I did the ‘backpack Australia and live in a van’ trip that evidently changed my entire perspective on the world and on my life. One of the most life changing transformations that occurred from this trip was my taste for music. My love for electronic music grew by the day and I can thank Sneaky Sound System for being one of the influences in this evolution.

Sneaky Sound System is comprised of guitarist and producer Black Angus and songstress Connie Mitchell. Together they form a dynamic pop/electro/dance group with a long list of hits and an upcoming album From Here To Anywhere that will be released October 7th on Modular Records.

To celebrate the upcoming release they have given away the John Dahlback remix to their second single ‘Big’ via the Modular People website. John Dahlback needs no introduction and this download is a no brainer!

Sneaky Sound System- Big (John Dahlback Remix)

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