Otto Knows + Alesso

18 Sep

Otto Knows and Alesso are two names you should have firmly at the top of your ‘up and comers ready to blow up’ list. For obvious reasons (Calling, Good Love Remix) Alesso is sitting right at the cusp of mainstream recognition and with the continued support of SHM he will be spoken of in the same breathe as the world’s biggest artists in no time.

Otto Knows on the other hand has not quite hit his stride. He blew our minds with his remix of Imogen Heap- Hide & Seek but since then has been relatively quiet. Our interest was again peaked when he teamed up with fellow Swedes Avicii and Oliver Ingrosso (iTrack, Gino & Loopede– all released on Stealth Records).

Although Otto Knows hasn’t yet demonstrated his full potential, his latest release sheds some light into what we can expect from here on out.

Check out the latest releases from the fresh faced Swedes and be on the lookout for these two to bloom into full blown superstars within the not too distant future.

ATB ft. Cristina Soto- Twisted Love (Otto Knows Remix)

Jasper Forks- River Flows In You (Alesso Remix)

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