Go Buy Tape Club – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

18 Oct

This was an easy choice for the Go Buy album of the week. I received an advanced copy of Tape Club and have been enjoying it for a few weeks and have been counting down the days until I was able to share the album with you guys.

This isn’t a regular album of new material, but rather 26 excellent songs that have been stored in Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin extensive back catalogue. The band recently went through all their unreleased tracks and picked out these 26 tracks to properly cover the last ten years.

Tape Club shows the evolution of SSLYBY from their lo-fi basement recordings to fully produced studio tracks. This is the perfect addition to your music collection and will really compliment your other SSLYBY albums.

Sometimes its nice to listen to the tracks that weren’t picked for the album and wonder why. You can often find quite a few gems that have you questioning who made the final decision as to why that song wasn’t included in the full album release.

You can stream this entire album before you buy it via the bands Bandcamp page, and you can find several different purchasing options including a vinyl package for all those hardcore fans out there.

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