Go Buy: Kaskade- Fire & Ice

25 Oct

With the releases of Eyes and Turn It Down we all knew Kaskade’s 7th album would be a major hit. His recent crowning as America’s Best DJ and his Number 30 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 didn’t hurt the hype either but the magnitude of this release is still to be seen as it will undoubtedly gain international platinum status and further the EDM push to all corners of the world.

Kaskade’s talents shine through on both sides of the album while the ICE side takes a stripped down and mellowed cut of each banger off FIRE. While ‘Eyes’ and ‘Turn It Down’ remain my favourites off the album there are some other very notable tracks. The Skrillex collab is not my cup of tea but many would claim that it is an innovative and ‘new’ sound bridging the gap between disco, house and countless other genres. ‘ICE‘, ‘Llove’ and ‘Let Me Go’ really stuck out for me and they once again prove that Kaskade has the magic touch when it comes to matching his beats with the perfect vocalist.

This is hands down the album of the year and if you want to support GOOD music then GO BUY this album.

Kaskade ft. Haley- Llove

Kaskade ft. Marcus Bently- Let Me Go

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