Go Buy Part & Parcel – Make Do and Mend

22 Nov

The go buy album this week is an easy choice. The new Part & Parcel acoustic EP from Make Do and Mend is a wonderfully simplistic rock record that is more than worth your time.

I’m new to the Make Do and Mend party but I am first to sing their praise. When I came across this EP I knew it was time to share it with you all. There are six songs that combine acoustic guitars, piano melodies and soft drum beats that leave the majority of the emphasis on the vocals.

This album is a steal at just under six dollars on iTunes and I highly recommend checking out Ghostal and Transparent Seas below if you like acoustic indie rock.

We have been posting some mainstream acts to Go Buy recently, but remember it is the smaller non-major label bands that need your support the most. Go out and get this EP, I know I say this a lot, but you will be impressed.

Ghostal – Made Do and Mend
Transparent Seas – Make Do and Mend  

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