Kill The Noise- Dying

23 Nov

I’ve been really shying away from dubstep as of late due to what I perceive as a sick game that was started by Skrillex. The game goes like this… let’s see who can produce the most abrasive, glitchy, non-melodic, irritating noise and pass it off as a work of art. Secretly they all know that what they are producing isn’t good but they praise each other to no end which in turn redefines the meaning of ‘good music’.

But the worst part is the game never ends, and the ante keeps getting higher and higher. And then you get all these new producers trying to join in and the coolness of it all loses appeal. BUT, we always have HOPE and if there really is a god we will one day, get back to square one.

With that being said, Kill The Noise just released an album. ‘Kill Kill Kill’ was released yesterday on Skrillex’s label- OWSLA. The standout track for me is ‘Dying’ which features Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson. The soothing vocals are a refreshing accompaniment alongside the wobbles and serves to break up the darkness of the album.

Check out the rest of ‘Kill Kill Kill’ and grab yourself a copy HERE.

Kill The Noise- Dying ft. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson (Original Mix)

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