Illa Scorsese- Unauthorized Biography

6 Dec

Illa Scorsese is ALWAYS working on something new. So when he hit us up with his new mixtape- ‘Unauthorized Biography’ we weren’t surprised.

We were however pleasantly surprised at the rawness and depth that Illa gives this 11 chapter story.

Unauthorized Biography is the story of Cam G, a man who is trying his best to do the right thing for himself & his family but is trapped by the trap. Through 11 chapters we dive deep into his mind in search for understanding. Seeking the driving force of a man who’s back is against the wall due to the society he was born in. A true product of the environment story.

Listen to Cam’s Theme and Windows for a real demonstration of Illa’s storytelling abilities and diversity. And if you were wondering what Illa and club music would sound like together, check out On The Dancefloor below.

Download Unauthorized Biography

Illa Scorsese- Cam’s Theme

Illa Scorsese- Windows

Illa goes clubbin’

Barbara Kiss Feat. Illa Scorsese – On The Dancefloor (D-Jizzle Remix)

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