Dezza pres Ariose- Departure/Said EP

8 Dec


It’s understandable that as an electronic music artist, there becomes a time when you need a new outlet or avenue to grow and express your evolving tastes. For many, this can be achieved through creating an alias or new moniker.

A lot of the time artists will create an alias to explore the darker side of themselves. Avicii has Tim Berg, Eric Prydz has Cirez D and Tiesto has Allure (among others).

Halifax native- Dezza is the latest to beef up his repertoire with an alter ego but unlike his fellow producers he goes the opposite of darker. The Departure/Said EP showcases the melodic and progressive side of Dezza that we have all come to know through tracks like ‘Hefty‘ and ‘Allure‘. In keeping with this, Ariose tones down the synths and leaves us with dreamy buildups and a sense of danceable calmness. If you’re into chilled out, euphoric, prog house then this is a treat for you.

Stream ‘Departure’ below and buy Departure/Said on Beatport.

Check out more from Dezza on Soundcloud

Dezza pres Ariose- Departure (Original Mix)

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