Best Of 2011: House

24 Dec

It has been an incredible year for House music and EDM in general. If we calculate success based on music awards such as The Grammy’s then we can easily see how house music has captivated the masses.

We can turn on the radio and hear the latest David Guetta collaboration or MTV and see Porter Robinson gracing the headlines of ‘Best Artists Under 19’. Regardless of how it is perceived, House music has been catapulted into the mainstream and to me this is a huge win.

It is hard for some die hard house heads to swallow the mainstream success of acts like Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5 and the typical ‘sellout’ label always gets thrown out. But is it bad that our favourite type of music is now EVERYONE’S favourite type of music? Does it take away from our identity?

With 2012 right around the corner let’s throw out the debate and just enjoy house music being taken to the next level.

For the sake of this ‘Best Of’ series and my sanity, we have picked our favourite tracks of 2011 based on genres categorized by Beatport. With that being said, our picks are purely based on personal taste and they give remixes the same weight as an original track.

The Winners:

My #1 pick was a no-brainer. I’ve said it countless times that ‘A Little Louder’ was THE summer anthem for me and my Itunes play count doesn’t lie. An underrated track to say the least. 

Kid Massive- A Little Louder (Extended Version)

Sonny Wharton gets the #2 nod for his stellar remix of Innerpartysystem’s ‘Not Getting Any Better’. A chunky base line and a techy feel made this cut a highly addictive track. The buildup is outstanding, drops on the money and defines what I really love about house music. 

Innerpartysystem- Not Getting Any Better (Sonny Wharton Mix)

Honourable Mentions:

Nicky Romero’s remix of ‘Flash’ was one of the most popular tracks of the year. It wasn’t THAT popular in the sense of topping charts and music awards but the amount of times this track has been mashed has been incredible. A staple in Avicii and Kaskade sets I think its safe to say it got the deserved air time. 

Green Velvet- Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

Another underrated track comes from Canadian born Etienne Ozborne and Germany’s- Chris Montana. A techy/tribal infused gem that was a staple in my 2011 sets. 

Chris Montana & Etienne Ozborne- Columbian Chants (Tribal Mix)

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