Q & A with Dinka

4 Jan

After a stunning 3rd album, releases on Unreleased Digital, Anjunadeep & Pinkstar as well as a slew of well received remixes, it’s safe to say 2011 was a great year for Dinka.

Her uniqueness as a female Dj and her undeniable production skills fuelled us to reach out to the rising star to find out more about her life as a dj, producer and entertainer.

Hit the jump for a Q & A with Dinka

In a very short period of time you have released a new album and the single- ‘Skyscraper’. Do you take any time off? What does your ‘work’ schedule look like?

Work, eat, work, eat, sleep, airport, work, no sleep, work… hahaha, it ain’t that bad!

I really love what I’m doing so that makes it a lot easier. Sometimes you reach your limits and it is important to take your time off.

Your new album ‘Tales Of The Sun’ has been out for well over a month now. Tell us about the aftermath and reception of your 3rd album.

I think it hasen’t had all the attention it deserves yet. But there’s still work in progress.

The new album features collaborations with the likes of Hadley, Civil Servants and one of our favorites- Julie Thompson. Can you tell us about the process of collaborating with vocalists and how you go about choosing them?

Those 3 vocalists got my attention already with tracks they put their voices on before we’ve been working together.

I had a list of a few singers that I could imagine on a Dinka track. I’m pretty happy that the first 3 vocalists on my list decided to join the project.

When listening to your music it is obvious that you have mastered creating uplifting and euphoric melodies. What is your musical background and how were you drawn to electronic music?

I play the piano quite well. The most important thing is to offer good melodies. That’s what it is about my music. It’s the melody that should stand out, the beat that should make you wanna dance and the overall feeling that should make it a good song.

I was raised with electronic music already, I was listening to a lot of trance music in my younger ages, and so I grew into it.

You tend to stick close to the progressive house genre. With the surge of dubstep and electro do you have any interest in joining in?

I don’t really try to sound like a specific genre. I do the music I like myself, whether it’s progressive house or electro doesn’t matter.

On the production side of things we are always interested in what artists are using to create their music. Can you tell us about your studio setup?

I work on a MacPro, using Logic and a bunch of software synths. For beats I use a lot of sample one shots and organic loops.

Any upcoming releases? Collaborations? What’s next for Dinka?

I’m going to tour a lot in the next few months. And there is a new single planed for January 2012!

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