Cazzette- Killmode vs. Fatboy Slim (CZT’s A Soccer Hurdle Bootleg)

5 Jan

We all know that Cazzette are on the brink of superstardom. This is especially apparent due to the support of At Night Management who until signing the duo has been the primary platform for Avicii and his various aliases.

At first I think a lot of us were wondering what set the Swedish duo apart and what made them deserving of accompanying the godliness of Avicii.

With huge remixes of ‘Save The World’, ‘Levels’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ under their belts they have carved out a little niche in the electro/house realm. Their high energy productions are meant for the big room and their hybrid electro/dubstep sound is edgy and highly addictive. If their growing portfolio isn’t enough to convince you of their prowess then ‘Right Here Right Now’ will no doubt make you a believer. 

Download their latest bootleg and stay up to date with their latest tracks on Soundcloud

Cazzette- Killmode vs. Fatboy Slim- Right Here Right Now (CZT’s A Soccer Hurdle Bootleg)

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