Go Buy: Moguai- Mpire (Mau5trap)

1 Feb

Moguai dropped his two year in the making masterpiece on Mau5trap yesterday and it lives up to the expectations.

His first album- We Are Lyve destroyed the charts in 2010 and won over the hearts of EDM aficionado’s with tracks like ‘Blau’ and ‘Oyster’. ‘Blau’ in particular really stood out and was quickly added to my ‘songs that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside’ list.

Mpire is a 14 track EP filled with progressive melodies, bouncy baselines and a feel good vibe. The opening track- ‘Smyle’ makes you wanna do just that and is a testament to the rest of the album.

Do yourself a favour and buy Moguai-Mpire. It’s value and impact are comparable to that of regular sessions with a therapist, minus the cost.

Moguai – Smyles (Original Mix)

Moguai – Monkey Business (Beatport Exclusive)

Moguai & Polina- Invisible (Original Mix)


Moguai- Blau (Original Mix)

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