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The Hood Internet – One Midnight With You (Mayer Hawthorne x M83)

10 Jan

How much M83- Midnight City can you handle?

If your tank isn’t full from all the bootlegs and remixes then go ‘head and grab this beauty from The Hood Internet.

The perfect amount of chill and soul, packed into a 3 minute mashup. Plenty more on their Soundcloud. And by plenty more I mean 432 more mashups!

The Hood Internet – One Midnight With You (Mayer Hawthorne x M83)

Bangers & Mash

20 Dec

It’s time for another instalment of ‘Bangers & Mash’ which is our lazy way of bringing you the best & FREE mashups out there.

Enjoy a full serving thanks to Kap Slap, DivKid, DOSVEC & MAKJ

Kap Slap – Resurrect Paradise (Cobra Starship x Axwell x Coldplay) D/L HERE

DOSVEC “Midnight Mashup”

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Vs Rudy – Calling Phazing (MAKJ Bootleg)

Deadmau5 – SOFI Sleeps (DivKid Mashup)

The Hood Internet – Fireworks In The Winter (Katy Perry x Glass Candy)

Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix)

23 Nov

A couple weeks ago we brought you  the Dillon Francis remix of Earthquakey People, a new track from Steve Aoki which features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. It received quite a good reception, but Andrew W.K. has give the track the remix treatment to show how a little tweaking can change the entire feeling of a song.

You probably wouldn’t even recognize the original song other than perhaps the chorus. Steve Aoki is almost completely removed from the track all together in the Trash Remix. But strangely I am completely ok with that.

Check out the Andrew W.K. Trash Remix below and let us know what you think about which version you like better.

Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix) 

Download A Free Remix Album from Young Galaxy

23 Nov

Do you like free music? Do you like remixes? Do you like Young Galaxy? I’m not stupid, despite what The Conductor implies…I know that the answer to those questions is yes. Well do we have a treat for you today.

Young Galaxy have given the remix treatment to 11 of their favourite songs from some of their favourite artists. I’ve worked my way through the album and I was extremely impressed.

I like that Young Galaxy are showcasing some of their favourite bands and giving this album away for free. You can check out the Young Galaxy remix of Michigan Left by Arkells. As well you can download the album for free here, as well as below.

Download Versus – Young Galaxy 

Michigan Left – Arkells (Young Galaxy Remix) 

Electric Chapel – Lady Gaga (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

23 Nov

First off, I respect the talent that Lady Gaga possesses. It’s not easy to pump out number 1 singles, but I absolutely hate what she stands for. The whole “born this way” gag is such a load of shit. You were born with face implants and having to wear giant costumes for every day life?

Anyways, I bring you a new remix of Electric Chapel simply for the fact that Two Door Cinema Club are one of my favourite bands and I feel obligated to post this. They actually make this song listenable and I am semi interested in seeing what else this Remix album has in store.

Check out Electric Chapel the Two Door Cinema Club remix below.

Electric Chapel – Lady Gaga (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

Go Buy Part & Parcel – Make Do and Mend

22 Nov

The go buy album this week is an easy choice. The new Part & Parcel acoustic EP from Make Do and Mend is a wonderfully simplistic rock record that is more than worth your time.

I’m new to the Make Do and Mend party but I am first to sing their praise. When I came across this EP I knew it was time to share it with you all. There are six songs that combine acoustic guitars, piano melodies and soft drum beats that leave the majority of the emphasis on the vocals.

This album is a steal at just under six dollars on iTunes and I highly recommend checking out Ghostal and Transparent Seas below if you like acoustic indie rock.

We have been posting some mainstream acts to Go Buy recently, but remember it is the smaller non-major label bands that need your support the most. Go out and get this EP, I know I say this a lot, but you will be impressed.

Ghostal – Made Do and Mend
Transparent Seas – Make Do and Mend  

Nov 14-18 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

20 Nov

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent lately. This comes from a variety of reasons, including a busy work week, family illness and an 8 month pregnant fiancé…Along with all of these things there has also been a lack lustre amount of music to report on. Last week was HUGE with albums leaking so when the big Drake and Gambino albums dropped, everyone had already heard them.

Besides all of that I still managed to work my way through a good amount of music at work this week. You’ll notice that I got into listening to a series of albums from one artist in a row. It may not expose me to a lot of different artists, but it is a good way to hear the span of music an artist has produced. I listened to a lot of good music this week, so click on Read More to check out my weekly playlist. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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Hello Sadness – Los Campesinos Music Video

14 Nov

With Los Campesinos set to release a new album tomorrow, it actually was released across the pond today, they have just dropped a brand new video. Its kind of disturbing, kind of hilarious, but a great song regardless. My favourite part is the pineapple sunburn, but thats just me. Check out the video for Hello Sadness above and go buy Hello Sadness tomorrow.

Stream/Buy Young Statues – Young Statues

12 Nov

It was a great week for new music. A lot of good albums were released and a few great albums leaked. In all the albums that were released unfortunately one slipped passed my radar.

On Tuesday Young Statues released a self titled LP that I have actually been really excited for. The worst part is when I brought you Spacism back in September I told you to mark it on your calendar and I didn’t even do that.

I feel terrible, I really do. But to make up for it you can now stream the entire album on the Young Statues Bandcamp page, and if you like what you hear there are different options for you to buy the album.

Thrice – Words In The Water (Polaris At Noon Remix) – Free Download

12 Nov

I’ve seen Thrice a few times in concert and each time I was amazed at the their live show, but they weren’t really a band that I’d go out of my way to listen to.

Well a few days ago they released this Polaris At Noon Remix of their track Words in the Water that has me reconsidering my earlier decision. I think I’ll be going through their back catalogue this week just to see what else I’ve missed out on.

You can check out Words in the Water the Polaris At Noon Remix below and if you like it you can do a tweet for track download which is too simple to mess up.

Words In The Water (Polaris At Noon Remix) – Thrice 

Another Reybee Compilation

11 Nov

If anything the music community is loyal to those within the family. Recently a member of the Another Reybee Production company experienced a devastating house fire causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The guys at Paper + Plastic along with a slew of other labels and PR agencies have come together to put together a 41 song compilation with all proceeds going Rey Roldan.

This is a donation only download with a minimum of a dollar donation require to download this compilation. Each cent that is donated is going to help Rey Roldan get back on his feet.

You can click here to go to the Paper and Plastic website to help where you can. Check out the Polar Bear Club track from the compilation below and click on Read More to check out the full track listing.

Kneel On Nails 

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Nov 7-11 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

11 Nov

Recently I have started working in an office, where listening to music is acceptable. For the first two months I listened to the local radio station that specialized in rock music. Unfortunately their music selection was awful, they played the same songs every single day and rotated between about 20 bands. On three separate occasions I caught them playing the same song within an hour and a half of each other, but these were not new songs! They were songs from the 90s!

Anyways I finally made a stand and decided to bring in speakers and an iPod and make my own musical selections from here on in. I saw this as a good opportunity to share with you what I choose to listen to when I slave away at work. Now lets remember that it is an open office where people can walk in off the street, so dubstep and rap are definitely off the list.

Click on Read More to check out the first edition of Codhoppers Weekly Playlist. You’ll also be able to view all my weekly playlists by checking out the Codhoppers page in the Authors link along the top of the page.

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Acoustic Performance of What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club

4 Nov

The Conductor is a great guy, he went to Lollapalooza this year and brought me back a Two Door Cinema Club shirt. Unfortunately he forgot to give it to me before he moved to the Yukon. For those of you who aren’t up to speed on Canadian geography, its comparable to moving from California to New York is the dead of winter. Regardless something good came out of Lollapalooza, and its this video which is an acoustic rendition of What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club.

Chris Carrabba – Covered In The Flood Free Download

3 Nov

At one point or another in your life, you’ve listened to Dashboard Confessional. There is no need to lie, or explain yourself. Chris Carrabba writes and performs heartfelt soul wrenching songs that strike you to the core when you hear them.

Well today Chris Carrabba released a four song free EP that features him performing acoustic covers of other peoples songs. Just because he didn’t write them doesn’t make them any less sensational. Plus when its free how can you really go wrong? This EP will fit perfectly in your iTunes collection (between Alter The Ending and Dusk and Summer if you change the artist to Dashboard Confessional).

Check out I’m In Love With A Girl and Skyway below and Click Here to head to Chris’ blog to download the EP for free.

I’m In Love With A Girl – Chris Carrabba
Skyway – Chris Carrabba 

Top 10 Road Trip Songs

31 Oct

I am minutes away from embarking on the biggest road trip of my life. Over 6,000 km, 6 provinces and a two week timeline. In preparation for this adventure I have hand picked my top 10 favourite road trip songs.

Hit the jump for the list!

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Talihina Sky – The Story of The Kings of Leon Opening Scene

28 Oct

Here is something special for you. You can now check out the first four minutes of Talihina Sky, which is the new documentary about The Kings of Leon. They have such an amazing story and come from backgrounds most of us could not even imagine. It drops next week, so you won’t have to wait long to watch the rest of the flick.

In A Fragment of Time – Brand New Single from The Finger

20 Oct

Back when Google+ still had the peoples interest it brought me to discover The Finger. I even did a post on their track Die Die Superhero.

Well fast forward a few months and The Finger have just released their first single In A Fragment of Time. I really like this track and I’m sure Illa Scorsese probably feels the same way.

You can check out In A Fragment below and check back for more album details as they become available.

In A Fragment of Time – The Finger

New Music Video – Still – Bombay Bicycle Club

18 Oct

Bombay Bicycle Club released a new video today from their latest album A Different Kind of Fix. Still is a straight forward performance video that leaves the entire emphasis on the song, and with this song thats how it should be. It’s haunting and beautiful all at the same time. I’m glad they didn’t try to glam up the video with a ridiculous story line and decided instead to allow the music to speak for itself.

Go Buy Tape Club – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

18 Oct

This was an easy choice for the Go Buy album of the week. I received an advanced copy of Tape Club and have been enjoying it for a few weeks and have been counting down the days until I was able to share the album with you guys.

This isn’t a regular album of new material, but rather 26 excellent songs that have been stored in Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin extensive back catalogue. The band recently went through all their unreleased tracks and picked out these 26 tracks to properly cover the last ten years.

Tape Club shows the evolution of SSLYBY from their lo-fi basement recordings to fully produced studio tracks. This is the perfect addition to your music collection and will really compliment your other SSLYBY albums.

Sometimes its nice to listen to the tracks that weren’t picked for the album and wonder why. You can often find quite a few gems that have you questioning who made the final decision as to why that song wasn’t included in the full album release.

You can stream this entire album before you buy it via the bands Bandcamp page, and you can find several different purchasing options including a vinyl package for all those hardcore fans out there.

Check Out Two New Tracks From I The Mighty

13 Oct

I was so pumped when I The Mighty signed to Equal Vision records, and now we are finally starting to hear new material from them.

They recently sat down with Alter The Press to acoustically perform two tracks off their new Karma Never Sleeps EP.

Cutting Room Floor and These Streets Are Alive both sound great played on acoustic guitars but I can’t wait to hear the full EP versions of the tracks.

Click Here to head to Alter The Press to check out the two new songs. 

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