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Hello Sadness – Los Campesinos Music Video

14 Nov

With Los Campesinos set to release a new album tomorrow, it actually was released across the pond today, they have just dropped a brand new video. Its kind of disturbing, kind of hilarious, but a great song regardless. My favourite part is the pineapple sunburn, but thats just me. Check out the video for Hello Sadness above and go buy Hello Sadness tomorrow.

Hair Trigger – Protest The Hero Video

2 Nov

Protest The Hero always look like they are having so much fun while creating metal core. Looking for examples? Check out the new video for Hair Trigger. Riding tandem bikes while rocking out is epic. Enjoy.

Party on Fifth Ave – Mac Miller Video

28 Oct

Mac Miller just dropped the video for Party on Fifth Ave. This is the third single from Blue Slide Park and Mac gives a new spin to a classic beat. I really think Blue Slide Park is going to catapult Mac Miller into another stratosphere, what do you think?

12 Planet- Corner Pocket

26 Oct

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see 12 Planet live, I suggest you do so immediately. After his show at Lollapalooza I was an instant fan and the energy and sweat that transcends over the crowd is an impressive sight to say the least. Check out the visuals for his latest track and pick up ‘Corner Pocket‘ right meow.

New Coldplay Paradise Video

19 Oct

Ok this video is just awesome. Not at all what I expected going into watching this. Usually you expect serious and epic videos, not a guy dressed up in an elephant costume. The track is also amazing so enjoy.

Skrillex unleashes the Skrillex Cell

16 Oct

It’s crazy to see visual proof of the evolution of technology and its influence on electronic music. Skrillex is the latest to expand the horizons of the live show and has unleashed the extremely cool Skrillex Cell on his Mothership Tour. Check out tour dates, locations and more news at and grab the heavy mashup from Dj Bucket below.

Skrillex- Bangarang (Dj Bucket Remix)

Dopest Mother F*cker Since Before I Hit The 7th Grade

24 Sep

Mac Miller has dropped the video for Smile Back, his second single off his upcoming debut album Blue Slide Park. Song is sick, video is sick, but I was worried. Mac Miller has a tendency to mix his best friends in the video. I made it through the entire video without seeing the white kid with long hair and I was worried that Mac Miller has cut his friends out of the video. Then the guys take their masks off and there he is, peace is restored in the world. Enjoy.

Best Music Video I’ve Seen In A Long Time – Fireworks – Arrows

23 Sep

This video is just plain awesome. Piñata people being chased by a crazy arrow carrying murderer. Vomiting and bleeding candy. What a great concept. The song that goes along with the video is really great as well. Arrows comes off the new Fireworks album Gospels which is now available from iTunes or your local record establishment. Check out the video above and convince your friends that a piñata is a must for your next party.

New Music Video From XV – When We’re Done

23 Sep

We’ve brought you some XV tunes in the past, intact I still regularly listen to his song Foreign Exchange Student which samples Miami Horror. He has released a mixtape since then and just dropped a new video for When We’re Done which is a song off his Zero’s Heroes mixtape. The song is great and I expect great things in the next few months for XV. Enjoy

New Video From The Ying Yang Twins

7 Sep

The Ying Yang Twins hold a special place in my heart. They aren’t for everyone but I seem to always love the singles they put out. Yesterday they released a video for their new track Big Butts which is off their upcoming mixtape Where They At?

For the dubstep fans wait till just after the 2:30 mark for a bit of a dubstep break down. I like, I like.

Kiss Cam – Arkells Music Video

3 Sep

The Arkells are back with a brand new album entitled Michigan Left which is set to drop on October 18th. Kiss Cam is the second single released from Michigan Left and there is a great music video to accompany it’s release.

If you haven’t checked out Arkells before you are missing out. Jackson Square was one of my favourite albums a couple years ago and I used to listen to it religiously while studying for exams. You need to go out and get that album today to prepare yourself for Michigan Left.

Ok Go Release The Muppet Show Video

23 Aug

If OK Go know how to do one thing, its make interesting videos. Check out the latest feating The Muppets.

Called Out In The Dark Video – Snow Patrol

17 Aug

It’s funny how you come to discover albums that you love. I had been aware of Snow Patrol mostly from their hit radio singles, but I hadn’t ever listened to a full album. That is until I borrowed my Dad’s truck one day and looked through his CD selection in the centre console. There was a CD with no writing on it at all, so I thought I’d throw it in and give it a listen. I loved it, and it just happened to be Eyes Open. Ever since then I have kept a keen eye on Snow Patrol.

Today they released their new video for Called Out In The Dark, which is the first single from their new album Fallen Empires which is set to drop later this year. Check out the video above and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Jack’s Mannequin Studio Video – Amy, I

17 Aug

Last month we brought you the details on the new Jack’s Mannequin album along with a the new single My Racing Thoughts. Well now we have a studio music video for Amy,I which is another song off People and Things. Check it out and prepare yourself for the new Jack’s Mannequin record.

The Other Shoe Video – Fucked Up

16 Aug

Fucked Up just released the second video from their latest release David Comes To Life. The Other Shoe is a cinematic piece of art. It may chant that we are dying on the inside, but the video has me thinking otherwise.

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