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Nov 14-18 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

20 Nov

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent lately. This comes from a variety of reasons, including a busy work week, family illness and an 8 month pregnant fiancé…Along with all of these things there has also been a lack lustre amount of music to report on. Last week was HUGE with albums leaking so when the big Drake and Gambino albums dropped, everyone had already heard them.

Besides all of that I still managed to work my way through a good amount of music at work this week. You’ll notice that I got into listening to a series of albums from one artist in a row. It may not expose me to a lot of different artists, but it is a good way to hear the span of music an artist has produced. I listened to a lot of good music this week, so click on Read More to check out my weekly playlist. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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Best Music Video I’ve Seen In A Long Time – Fireworks – Arrows

23 Sep

This video is just plain awesome. Piñata people being chased by a crazy arrow carrying murderer. Vomiting and bleeding candy. What a great concept. The song that goes along with the video is really great as well. Arrows comes off the new Fireworks album Gospels which is now available from iTunes or your local record establishment. Check out the video above and convince your friends that a piñata is a must for your next party.

Listen To Decade Today

19 Aug

Every Friday I check the Free Music Friday  post just to see if anything good comes up. The majority of the time it is garage rock bands with that overstate their talents comparing themselves to established bands.

Well this week there is an exception to the rule. The UK band Decade offered up their song The Doctor Called (Turns Out I’m Sick As Fuck) which is their debut single presumable off their upcoming full length release. I originally listened to the song only because the song title is amazing but I was instantly impressed with the guitar break downs and the melodic chorus lines.

Upon further investigation it turns out they are offering their Lost At Sea EP as a free download as well. I picked it up too and was even more impressed. It’s amazing how a great bands just seem to fall into your lap. I can’t wait to hear their full length and see what else they have. I highly recommend checking these guys out, they will be taking over the popcore scene in no time at all. The best way to describe them is a British A Day To Remember with less screaming.

Check out their new single The Doctor Called (Turns Out I’m Sick As Fuck) and Down Like A Clown, Charlie Brown off the Lost At Sea EP below.

Download The Doctor Called (Turns Out I’m Sick As Fuck) 

Download The Lost At Sea EP  

The Doctor Called (Turns Out I’m Sick As Fuck – Decade

Down Like A Clown, Charlie Brown – Decade

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk Free Song and Album Re-Release

11 Jul

I first wrote about Chunk! No, Captan Chunk back in March and mentioned their 2010 album Something For Nothing. Four months after my discovery, they have decided to re-record and re-release this album. There are not any new songs or bonus material, but it sounds as if they recorded the album again in a better studio.

You can see the kick-ass cover art above, and if you move quick, you can download a song off the re-release from But the free song download is only available until Wednesday. Check out Captain Blood below, and if you like it, go download it.

Captain Blood – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk

Taking Back Sunday Warner Brothers Summer Session

4 Jul

A few days ago, Taking Back Sunday reported to the Warner Brothers lot to record a live acoustic Summer Session and the HDQ rip has emerged on the web and I thought it was worth sharing. They did this acoustic performance to help promote their new self titled album that features all 5 original members.

The jury is still out on that album, but this Summer Session features 7 awesome songs that span their career and even a few covers along with  7 “banter” tracks that keep the session fun.

You can check out my favourite three tunes from the Summer Session below. The Best Place To Be A Mom is a raw rendition of the first single from their latest album, Great Romances of the 20th Century happens to be the first song the band ever wrote, and Can’t Tell Me Nothing is a great rock cover.

Download – Taking Back Sunday Warner Brothers Summer Session 

Best Place To Be A Mom – Taking Back Sunday
Great Romances of the 20th Century – Taking Back Sunday
Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Taking Back Sunday (Kanye West Cover) 

Four Year Strong Cover TLC

15 Jun

A couple years ago Four Year Strong released Explains It All, a full album of cover tunes that literally explains them all. It had everything from Smashing Pumpkins to Sugar Ray and everything inbetween. It remained on repeat with me for a long time until I left my copy in my friend Will’s car. He texted me two weeks later telling me that he fucking loved the CD I left.

Move forward to 2011 and For Year Strong have just released an acoustic video of Alan and Dan covering the TLC classic No Scrubs. I hope this leads to Explains It All Part 2, but I highly doubt it. What it does mean is that Four Year Strong are in the studio again which is an excellent sign. Check out the video above and go get Explains It All, it will be the best decision you make this week.

She Said Sweetie If You Need Me, I’ll Be Here

20 May

After three long years of waiting, Living With Lions have finally released a new album entitled Holy Shit. If you are familiar with their older material you know they are one of the best pop punk bands to ever come out of Canada, and if this is your first experience with them, you are in for a treat.

Holy Shit is 36 minutes of fast-paced punk rock that gets better every time you listen to it. I picked up my copy on Tuesday and it has been on constant repeat ever since.

Tracks like Regret Song and Maple Drive Is Still Alive are straight forward lyrically but draw an emotional response that many bands only hope for.

Holy Shit is a must listen for any punk rock fan as it is one of the best albums I have heard this year. Living With Lions are currently touring across Canada before heading state-side at the end of the month. You can catch them in London Ontario on May 26th or in Windsor on the 27th.

You can check out my favourite two songs on the album below, Maple Drive is Still Alive and Rough Around The Edges, and if you haven’t already head to Itunes to buy Holy Shit.

Maple Drive Is Still Alive – Living With Lions Rough Around The Edges – Living With Lions

NOTIMEFOR – Things Are Going Pretty Good

6 May

Just came across NOTIMEFOR and thought I would share their new video for Things Are Going Pretty Good. This song comes from their brand new EP Happy Youth which is set to be released tomorrow. NOTIMEFOR hail from Italy but are attacking the pop-punk scene with great guitar hooks and sing-a-long choruses. Enjoy.

DJ Benzi and Mike Posner Dubstep Special Mix

3 May

So now that The Conductor has moved out of Windsor and The Rinse is unfortunately over, shout to Lisa, my electronic music responsibilities have skyrocketed. This is my first step towards a more electronically diverse posting range.

Dj Benzi and Mike Posner are back with another full hour of their favourite dubstep tunes. There is also a Luvstep guest mix which is awesome. This is available as a free download on the DJ Benzi soundcloud page.

Click on Read More to check out the full track list.

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Life On Repeat Rocks

3 May

Good life tip here, always volunteer to do the dishes, always. It really isn’t that bad and can usually be done in 15 minutes if you are motivated. But more importantly, it gives you 15 straight minutes to listen to new music you’ve acquired but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. It’s a good way to rediscover music you’ve forgotten about, and changes up your listening preferences.

Yesterday while doing the dishes I listened to the new Take Action Volume 10 compilation which features bands like Four Year Strong, Polar Bear Club, Circa Survive, You Me and Everyone We Know and The Wonder Years. But of all these bands, the song that stood out to me the most was Myself In Mirrors by Life on Repeat.

I went back and listened to that song 3 or 4 more times before I finally looked them up and found their bandcamp page. I was blown away by what I heard. It’s melodic popcore at its very best. There is the perfect mix of driving guitar breakdowns and sing-a-long vocal lines. Life On Repeat are offering their  2009 As I Grew EP for a name-you-price download. It definitely worth checking out to get yourself familiar with as they are set to release a brand new LP on Equal Vision entitled Struggle + Sleep. That hits the shelves on June 11th.

You can stream Life On Repeat’s As I Grew EP below and rock out to that for another month until the LP is released. I’m expecting great things from this LP so Ambassador Beats will keep you updated on all the latest Life On Repeat news.

Brand New Yellowcard Video Hang You Up

6 Apr

Yellowcard released their latest album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes on March 22nd and have just released the official video for the single Hang You Up. This video has a funny mix of lyrics and dialogue between lead singer Ryan Lee and the extras in the video. It’s nice to have Yellowcard back releasing music after a long hiatus.


1 Apr

I wrote earlier in the week about the lack of quality pop-punk bands but I am ready to take that back after hearing Turnover today.

Another quality pick up out of the Virginia, I wonder if they are VCU fans? Anyways, Turnover pump out fast paced tunes that remind me of Polar Bear Club, and thats saying a lot.

They are offering their Self-Titled EP for a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. You can stream the EP below.

Sick Sick Sick Music Video

10 Feb

Backside are back with a new album that is slated for release on February 22nd. It is their 8th studio album and first since their 2008 album Shudder. Shudder was the first real mainstream success this band experienced with the album reaching the 52nd spot on Billboards Hot 200 Album Chart.

They have been through a lot in their 11 year career having to face tragedy first hand. If you haven’t heard of Bayside before, it would be worth your time to click here and read some of the stuff they have been through. Really puts both music and life into perspective.

Sick Sick Sick is their first single off Killing Time and you can check out the video for it below. Enjoy.

Funeral For A Friend Video

9 Feb

So I just put up the soundcloud player for this song on Monday, and already the video has been released. Thats quite the turn around, but I guess their thinking is strike while the iron’s hot.

The video follows 4 teen boys through the back forest over one day while intercutting scenes of the band playing Sixteen. It’s a bit odd but it’s tied all together in the end. Watch the video for the song and enjoy the fact that Funeral For A Friend are back.

You can click here to pre-order Welcome Home Armageddon.

New Video From Funeral For A Friend

10 Jan

Funeral For A Friend are a British band that grew in popularity during the “emo” music years. A lot of people either love the music for its raw emotional lyrics and hard hitting guitar parts, or hate it because of the sappy lyrics and screaming.

Most emo bands have mostly disappeared, but there are a few who are trying to continue to release music, just with a little bit of a harder mentality. That is the case with FFAF.

Their new album Welcome Home Armageddon that is slated for release on March 14th has toned down the sappy side and increased the hard hitting guitar lines. You can check out their brand new video for Front Row Seats To The End Of The World below and figure out for yourself if you like their new sound.


Weekly Webisode…A Bit Late

20 Dec

Exam season has us a little behind but we have an awesome mix of tunes for you this week. We also have the Not So Friendly Christmas Webisode this friday, so be excited for that. As well we should be having some more Top 10 lists from both myself and The Conductor.

On January 3rd you’ll want to reserve some time to listen to The Rinse 2010 Year In Review on CJAM 99.1 FM. The Conductor has invited me to co-host the best mashups from the past year. We will do a post that day with the download link, but you can go now and stream CJAM live through your itunes at the CJAM website.

This week’s mix has a couple Illa Scorsese songs, a Hide and Seek remix and a Diplo remix. Check out the weekly webisode mix by clicking on Read More. Happy Holidays

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Bamboozle Lineup Announced

16 Dec

So what are you doing the last weekend of April? Well you should be headed to New Jersey to watch one hell of a lineup at Bamboozle. With Lil Wayne, Taking Back Sunday, Wiz Khalifa and Motely Crue, these shows are going to be unreal! There is literally something for everyone with such a wide variety of new and classic acts appearing over the weekend.

The Bamboozle festival has been around for a while, I’ve ever had a few opportunities to go, but unfortunately passed them up to play baseball, but one of my best friends goes almost ever single year. I’m sure he will ask if I want to go this year, and with Chiddy Bang, A Day To Remember and New Found Glory playing, I might just take him up on the offer.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – In Memory

7 Dec

One more day closer to Christmas and another holiday tune for your listening pleasure. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year is a classic, and In Memory have thrown a new pop punk spin on the song.

This is the type of song you can play while decorating your tree because everyone knows the words and can sing right along. Enjoy and expect this tune to make the Christmas Webisode that is being posted on Christmas Eve!

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – In Memory

Ambassador Harder Beats

14 Nov

You may have noticed something a little different in this weeks Webisode. Mixed in with the regular indie, hip-hop, dubstep and electro tunes you have come to expect from Ambassador Beats, there was a hardcore song from A Day To Remember. That was our way of telling you that Ambassador Beats is expanding.

We’ve been bringing you the harder electro stuff for a while now, and we decided it was finally time to expand to include the harder rock genres. You can now expect to see material on Metal, Hardcore, Popcore, Screamo and other genres that rock just a little bit harder. We are one of the only blogs out there to bring you such a wide variety of good and current music, so be sure to check back daily for the latest in amazing music.

Listen to Better Off This Way below from A Day To Remember and click on Read More to check out some of the material that will be featured on upcoming posts for Ambassador Beats.

Better Off This Way – A Day To Remember

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