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Hazem Beltagui – And Time Stood Still (Original Mix)

19 Feb

Hazem Beltagui has been on our radar for some time now and after our Rising Star feature a few months back, the Egyptian born DJ has only reaffirmed his status as a producer on the brink.

His two latest originals- ‘And Time Stood Still’ & ‘Sun Goes Down’ embody the progressive touch that he consistently delivers with the trancey breakdowns that we all crave.

Download both of these for FREE and hit Hazem up on Facebook & Soundcloud

Hazem Beltagui – And Time Stood Still (Original Mix)

Hazem Beltagui – Sun Goes Down (Breaks Mix)

Zedd- Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix)

16 Feb

Tim Mason has been flying under the radar for some time now and with remixes like the one below, that is all going to change in 2012.

His ‘Stars Come Out’ remix is a beautiful proggy house number that accentuates the vocals like no other remix has been able to do. Of all the tracks in the remix pack, this one stands out and is in my professional opinion, better than the original.

You can buy this track as well as the star studded remix pack on Beatport

Zedd- Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix)

Beyoncé – End Of Time (The Dirty Tees Remix)

16 Feb

Following the career of The Dirty Tees has been one of the cooler backseat experiences I’ve had since starting this blog.

The guys have always been super talented and as their releases increased people started to take notice. Originally hailing from Oakville, Ontario the duo produced a remix of Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Touch’ among other things in their first year. The track led to huge internet buzz and the songstress reached out to the guys. Suddenly they found themselves flying out to LA to work on some tracks with her and pursue a full time career in music. 

Flash forward a year and they are on the verge of taking things to the next level. A win in the Beyoncé remix competition would really help and with your vote we can make this happen.

Listen to their remix below and if you’re feeling it, go Vote and watch as one of Canada’s most exciting acts blows up.

Beyoncé – End Of Time (The Dirty Tees Remix)

Tom Fall & Heikki L feat. Ben Andreas – Ordinary World (Original Mix)

6 Feb

Is it just me or has there been a house music drought?

I’ve been waiting patiently for something special to drop and not to my surprise, Tom Fall is the one to end the winter blues.

He teamed up with fellow Fin Heikki L and singer Ben Andreas to create this epic masterpiece. A true progressive house cut with all the fixings and the support from Armada to propel it onto the next level.

You should probably go BUY this and support some of the finest new music on the planet.

Tom Fall & Heikki L- Ordinary World feat. Ben Andreas (Original Mix) BUY

Go Buy: Moguai- Mpire (Mau5trap)

1 Feb

Moguai dropped his two year in the making masterpiece on Mau5trap yesterday and it lives up to the expectations.

His first album- We Are Lyve destroyed the charts in 2010 and won over the hearts of EDM aficionado’s with tracks like ‘Blau’ and ‘Oyster’. ‘Blau’ in particular really stood out and was quickly added to my ‘songs that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside’ list.

Mpire is a 14 track EP filled with progressive melodies, bouncy baselines and a feel good vibe. The opening track- ‘Smyle’ makes you wanna do just that and is a testament to the rest of the album.

Do yourself a favour and buy Moguai-Mpire. It’s value and impact are comparable to that of regular sessions with a therapist, minus the cost.

Moguai – Smyles (Original Mix)

Moguai – Monkey Business (Beatport Exclusive)

Moguai & Polina- Invisible (Original Mix)


Moguai- Blau (Original Mix)

Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay- In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

31 Jan

Finding the words to do this track justice is difficult.

Unbelievable vocals, progressive baselines, epic breakdowns and big room drops. How’s that?

Support good music and buy this from beatport

Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay- In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Bangers & Mash

29 Jan

It’s about time for another ‘too busy to post music here’s a bunch of sick mashups’ feature.

Now that Bangers & Mash is an official radio show on CJUC 92.5 in Whitehorse, Yukon it only seems fair to give the rest of the world their dose of electronic music.

Four mashups, all FREE and all amazing and if you are one of the 27,000 people that reside in Whitehorse- crank that dial to 92.5FM every Friday night from 8-11pm. 

Avicii vs. Adventure Club-Bromance Call (Avicii Vs Adventure Club)

The Jane Doze- Born to Feel Beef

Swanky Tunes and Matisse & Sadko Vs Nadia Ali – Pressure The Legend (Discokid 2012 Bootleg)

Bijan and Yoda- Facebook Logic (Internet Friends bootleg)

Alex H – Arun (Radio Edit)

26 Jan

Speaking of rising stars, Alex H is back with another taste of that progressive house that we ALL love.

After a recent signing with Midnight Mood Recordings for ‘Your Truly’ Alex has been on a tear. Evolving quickly and keeping his sounds bordering on a trance/house level he has managed to remix several historic gems like Fragma-Memory, Red Carpet-All Right & Ultrabeat-Pretty Green Eyes with outstanding results.

‘Arun’ is a solid follow up to ‘Your Truly’ and will no doubt make you a believer in this talented up and comer. Grab the Radio Edit below and stay tuned for the extended mix.

Alex H on Soundcloud

Alex H- Arun (Radio Edit)

Pryda – Melo (Disfunktion Extended Bootleg)

17 Jan

Perfection. Is that an overstatement?

An already legendary track from Prydz just got funked UP! Check out more from the Dutch duo 

Pryda – Melo (Disfunktion Extended Bootleg)

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Dezza Bootleg Remix)

16 Jan

Dezza has been at the top of every one of my playlists for the past year. He’s the king of progressive house in my world and has been building a strong following with tracks like Hefty, Allure, I Wonder… the list goes on

Today he released a FREE bootleg he did for the classic ‘Dreams’ hit from Fleetwood Mac. Also, a preview under his new moniker Ariose is out on beatport and its goooood stuff!

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Dezza Bootleg Remix)


Alex Pich – Heavens (Dezza pres. Ariose Remix)

Fragma – Memory (Alex H 2012 Remix)

12 Jan

Alex H has the attitude and production skills of a veteran with the ambition and drive of a rookie.

His courage to remix classic tracks like Red Carpet- Alright, Darude- Sandstorm and now Fragma’s- Memory demonstrates his fearless approach to making music.

Touching well known hits is something that new artists rarely do because it leaves them vulnerable. Comparisons are too easy to make and dreams can be shattered in an instant.

Not only is this remix courageous, its undeniably brilliant. Melodic, progressive house at its absolute best!

Check out the rest of his arsenal via Soundcloud

Fragma – Memory (Alex H 2012 Remix) D/L HERE

Coldplay – Up With The Birds (Redanka Nas Nuvens Bootleg Mix)

10 Jan

Redanka is a name that I will not soon forget.

Until recently the UK native has been a complete unknown for us but things changed when he released this astounding bootleg.

Coldplay meets soothing progressive house and hey, it’s not ‘Paradise’ or ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’… weird!

Catch up on Redanka via Soundcloud

Coldplay – Up With The Birds (Redanka Nas Nuvens Bootleg Mix)

Paul David – Golden (Original Mix)

10 Jan

Paul David continues to grow by leaps and bounds with his productions and his newest release is a true sign of musical evolution.

Previously unreleased, ‘Golden’ has surfaced to capture the attention of house heads and contribute to the growing Burner Records imprint.

‘Golden’ will be officially released on Burner Records as part of an EP within the next month but if you have a hankering to play this one out, there may or may not be a zippyshare link out on the intrawebs.

Keep up to date with everything Burner and everything Paul David via Soundcloud

Paul David – Golden (Original Mix)

Michael Woods Vs. George Acosta- Feels Like True Love (George Acosta Mashup)

7 Jan

In between touring, a Las Vegas residency and his weekly Lost World radio show, George Acosta has been giving away some spectacular mashups.

His newest mash ‘Feels Like True Love’ is a 9 minute roller coaster filled with euphoric breakdowns and the signature Michael Woods driving bass line. Throw in some stunning vocals and you have a masterpiece ready to be dropped in your weekend set. 

Check out more on his Soundcloud

Michael Woods Vs. George Acosta Feels Like True Love George Acosta Mashup

Best Of 2011: Odds & Ends

4 Jan

Wrapping up the best tracks of 2011 hasn’t been easy. Over the past 12 months thousands of tracks were released in varying styles and with the popularity of genre blending, categorizing them has been a daunting task.

After revealing our Best Of’s Trance, Dubstep, House, Prog House, Electro, Tech House & Mashups we decided to highlight some of the tracks that just missed the cut.

For the sake of this ‘Best Of’ series and my sanity, we have picked our favourite tracks of 2011 based on genres categorized by Beatport. With that being said, our picks are purely based on personal taste and they give remixes the same weight as an original track.

Progressive House

Florence & The Machine vs. Mark Knight- You’ve Got the Love

Deadmau5- Aural Psynapse (2nd Edit)

Drum n Bass

Blu Mar Ten- Whisper (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)


Toddla T- Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

Hip Hop

Drake- Over My Dead Body

Dub Hop

Illa Scorsese- Rude

Project 46 – Iceberg (Unoriginal* Mix)

4 Jan

This track is straight fire! I’m blogging from a Canadian Tire parking lot in the Yukon, what more do I need to say…

Project 46 – Iceberg (Unoriginal* Mix)

Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes (Alex H Progressive Remix)

29 Dec

One of our favourite up and comers is back with another remix. This time tackling a cover of the 1997 single from Force & Styles.

Ultrabeat covered the happy hardcore track in 2003 and it has once again changed hands to be transformed into a chilled out prog house mix.

Find more from Alex H on his Soundcloud.

Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes (Alex H Progressive Remix)

Rising Star: Hazem Beltagui

27 Dec

Hazem Beltagui captured our attention when his remix of ‘Sweet Disposition’ hit the airwaves a year ago. Since then we have been watching his career progress and his productions evolve at an alarming pace.

With a building portfolio of remixes, mashups and originals- Hazem’s latest EP was picked up by Kid Massive’s ‘Get Down Recordings’. His sound fits into the progressive house/trance mould and embodies some of the most beautiful melodies that we’ve heard in a long time.

His latest remix for Kevin Sunray is the perfect example of Hazem’s talents and paints a picture of progressive house music done just the way we like it.

Check out the latest remix, EP and some FREE tunes and find more on his Soundcloud & Facebook

Kevin Sunray- Stories Untold feat. Gaia Barbero (Hazem Beltagui Remix)Buy

Hazem Beltagui EP: Endlessly & Wherever She May Be

FREE Tunes:

BT – The Emergency (Hazem Beltagui Bootleg)

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Hazem Beltagui’s Bootleg)

Sasha – Cut Me Down (Hazem Beltagui Remix)

Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston – You Got To Go (Hazem Beltagui remix)

Best of 2011: Progressive House

21 Dec

I am going to firstly address the fact that ‘Levels’ is not on our Best Of List this year. Yes, it is an anthem, possibly the ‘anthem of the year’ but its level of popularity, the fact that Flo Rida sampled it, and its overall airtime has pushed it onto the list of ‘tracks I don’t want to hear for another year’.

In other news, Sweden has officially become the breading grounds for the best house music artists in the world. Two of it’s model citizens- Avicii & Alesso had the type of year that could only be dreamt of.

For the sake of this ‘Best Of’ series and my sanity, we have picked our favourite tracks of 2011 based on genres categorized by Beatport. With that being said, our picks are purely based on personal taste and they give remixes the same weight as an original track.

The Winners: 

On top of Levels, Avicii released ‘Fade Into Darkness’ and our #1 pick for Prog House track of the year- ‘Blessed’. Releasing it under a new Tom Hangs moniker and then remixing his own track, this is an under appreciated song in my books. Under appreciation= less airtime= less Flo Rida= less Leona Lewis= TRACK OF THE YEAR

Tom Hangs ft. Shermanology- Blessed (Avicii Edit)

At the end of 2010 everyone was pumping up Alesso as the artist to watch in ’11. With the March release of his Dynamite EP, several HUGE remixes (see below) and a collaboration with Seb Ingrosso, he blew up. ‘Calling’ quickly became a festival hit and the mashups/bootlegs/remixes began to pour in.

He capped off 2011 with another crowd pleaser- ‘Raise Your Head’ and easily gets our vote for #2 Prog House track of the year.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso- Calling (Original Instrumental Mix)

Honourable Mention:

It boggles my mind that his Good Love remix hasn’t gotten more recognition but nonetheless it remains a staple in the 2011 house list and once again shows the calibre of his productions.

DEVolution- Good Love (Alesso Remix)

Dinka – White Christmas (Original Mix)

20 Dec

Easily the most talented female artist in EDM has blessed us with an early Christmas gift.

Dinka’s ‘White Christmas’ is a prog house remake that will be a perfect addition to the holiday playlist… right beside The Dirty Tee’s- Winter Wonderland

Dinka – White Christmas (Original Mix)

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