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Nov 14-18 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

20 Nov

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent lately. This comes from a variety of reasons, including a busy work week, family illness and an 8 month pregnant fiancé…Along with all of these things there has also been a lack lustre amount of music to report on. Last week was HUGE with albums leaking so when the big Drake and Gambino albums dropped, everyone had already heard them.

Besides all of that I still managed to work my way through a good amount of music at work this week. You’ll notice that I got into listening to a series of albums from one artist in a row. It may not expose me to a lot of different artists, but it is a good way to hear the span of music an artist has produced. I listened to a lot of good music this week, so click on Read More to check out my weekly playlist. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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Nov 7-11 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

11 Nov

Recently I have started working in an office, where listening to music is acceptable. For the first two months I listened to the local radio station that specialized in rock music. Unfortunately their music selection was awful, they played the same songs every single day and rotated between about 20 bands. On three separate occasions I caught them playing the same song within an hour and a half of each other, but these were not new songs! They were songs from the 90s!

Anyways I finally made a stand and decided to bring in speakers and an iPod and make my own musical selections from here on in. I saw this as a good opportunity to share with you what I choose to listen to when I slave away at work. Now lets remember that it is an open office where people can walk in off the street, so dubstep and rap are definitely off the list.

Click on Read More to check out the first edition of Codhoppers Weekly Playlist. You’ll also be able to view all my weekly playlists by checking out the Codhoppers page in the Authors link along the top of the page.

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Go Buy Winter Forever – Seahaven

8 Nov

A lot of albums were released today, and a couple big ones leaked yesterday. But I think you should move all of those to the back burner and check out Seahaven. Their debut LP Winter Forever was released today and it has me blowing off those other new releases to get my pop punk fill.

This isn’t your regular fast paced pop punk. The melodies and guitar lines are similar but the vocals are slower and remind me a lot of The Junior Varsity (which is a HUGE compliment in my books).

You can stream Winter Forever below and if you like what you hear you should buy this record. On Seahaven’s Bandcamp page there are a couple package options, even one that features vinyl for all those purists out there.

Kings of Pop Punk – The Fresh Clothing Mixtape

8 Nov

Back in January, we brought you the Fresh Clothing Winter Mixtape that was jam packed with great bands and great tunes. It exposed me to the song Something Personal by Bright and Early that has stayed in my weekly rotation for going on eleven months now.

Well last week Fresh Clothing released another free mixtape. Kings of Pop Punk Mixtape features The Wonder Years, Title Fight and Transit just to name a few. This mixtape might have a better track list than the Winter tape which I loved so much.

You can stream the mixtape below as well you can download it for free. Enjoy and discover some new pop punk band.

Gameday Regulars Skip The DL, Go Straight To The EP

28 Sep

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Mightier Than Sword are putting together one hell of a collection of bands. Gameday Regulars are another stunning example of this.

Yesterday they released their debut EP ….But It’s Hell In The Hallway and along with having one of the best band names in the music industry, they have one of the greatest debut EP’s I’ve ever heard.

To describe it best I would have to say it sounds like a mix of Living With Lions and In Bear Country, which is quite the compliment. You should go out and buy this EP from the Mightier Than Sword digital store, but first check out a couple songs off the EP below.

Hearts and Bones – Gameday Regulars
Smoke Jumpers – Gameday Regulars 

Check out Citizen Right Now

24 Sep

I’ve written before about checking out bands that bands you like recommend. That is exactly how I came across Citizen, a band from the Ohio/Michigan area which is right in my backyard. Turnover posted about them today, and I’m really happy they did.

Citizen are currently streaming their Young States EP on band camp right now and you can pick it up for the dirt cheap price of 4 dollars. You can’t get a better deal on a quality EP, I can promise you that.

Young States offers everything you would want from your punk rock. Gang vocals, melodic break downs and catchy lyrics. Don’t sleep on this band. Check out their Young States EP below as well as a two track acoustic EP.

Stream And Download A New Man Overboard Track – Spunn

17 Sep

Man Overboard are set to release a new self-titled album on September 27th. They just released a new song stream and download of a song off the album. Spunn is the first track I’ve heard off the album and I really like it. It was produced by Steve from New Found Glory and has that early 2000’s pop punk feel.

You can click here to head to the Lost Tapes store to download this song for free. The download also comes with a guitar tab sheet, a lyric sheet and wallpapers for your computer and cell phone. Which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. If you like what you hear you should check Man Overboard out on tour this fall in support of New Found Glory on the Pop Punks Not Dead Tour. Click on Read More to check out the tour dates.

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I Really Thought I’d Posted The Hotel Year Earlier

15 Sep

I got an email today informing me that The Hotel Year had signed to Mightier Than Sword records and I knew that a post was in order. I have originally listened to The Hotel Year earlier in the year when I picked up It Never Goes Out from Bandcamp.

So when I went to write this post I searched for the post I had done when I originally heard the 9 song LP. But there was no post to be found. The album, along with the We Are Alone EP were in my iTunes but I guess I had never got around to giving them a post. Because of this I must send my apologies to our readers for not fulfilling my blogger duty to pass along the best new music as I find it.

Regardless Mightier Than Sword have decided to digitally reissue It Never Goes Out on October 11th. But until then you can stream the album below from their Bandcamp page. Enjoy.

Hell Ya New Japandroids!

12 Sep

It’s been SO long since we’ve heard any new material from Japandroids but last night they debuted a new song called Adrenaline Nightshift and it makes the wait well worth it. Yes it is a live rip and it may be hard to hear the vocals at time, but the lo-fi punk rock is just what I needed right now. Check out the video above and be sure to check back for the latest as more details emerge about the new Japandroids record.

Up All Night Behind The Scene’s Video

8 Sep

With Neighbourhoods being released so soon I have put myself into Blink 182 lock down. I refuse to listen to any more songs that have been released other than Up All Night because I want the full album experience the first time I listen to it. But in the mean time I still need my Blink-182 fix so this Behind The Scenes video fits the bill. Check it out.

Stream A New Four Year Strong Song

8 Sep

Four Year Strong are an outstanding band that are making a statement with their new album. They have parted ways with their synth keyboard player and are going for a more distinctive rock sound with their fourth full length, In Some Way, Shape or Form. 

The album was originally set to be released on October 11th but has since been pushed back to November 8th. Usually production and mixing is the reason for an album to be delayed, but in this case it was to add another song to the album. Falling On You is a brand new song that the band has written and decided that it was to good not to be included in the album.

I really love the song, intact I think it is my favourite tune that has been leaked from the album. My only worry is that it won’t mesh well with the rest of the album since it was written so much later than the rest of the album. But I guess we will find out November 8th.

Up All Night – New Blink 182 Video

26 Aug

It’s a well known fact that Blink 182 are my favourite band and I would do just about anything to hear new music from them. Well they released a new music video last night at midnight PST which is something crazy like 4 am here. In years past I may have just woken up at 4 am to listen to it the moment it was released. But I did not, I watched it at 6:30 this morning when I did wake up and now I care to share it with you.

I love the song, but am kinda confused with the video. It seems like a mix of the Stay Together For The Kids video that had to be reshot after 9/11 and the album cover of Say Anything’s In Defence Of Genre. I think it’s funny that they show a fence spray painted with the message No More Parents when all three band members and the majority of their oldest fans are all parents now. Regardless I can’t wait for this album to be released, like can’t wait…

Stream The Fueled By Ramen 15 Anniversary Compilation

23 Aug

It is almost hard to believe that Fueled By Ramen has been around for 15 years now. They have produced some of the biggest bands of the emo/pop punk genre and this compilation features both new and old songs that showcase some of their best artists.

I still remember my introduction to the Fueled By Ramen family when I bought Take This To Your Grave by Fall Out Boy back in 2003 from Sunrise Records in St. Thomas. It was a different time then when people still bought CD’s, but that CD introduced me to a lot of other great bands.

The 15th Anniversary Compilation is for sale from all digital record stores and is released in anticipation of the 15th Birthday celebration that’s taking place September 7th to 9th at the New York City Terminal 5.

Click Here to head  to the Alternative Press website to stream No Food, No Sleep, Just Records and click on Read More to check out the track list.

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The Other Shoe Video – Fucked Up

16 Aug

Fucked Up just released the second video from their latest release David Comes To Life. The Other Shoe is a cinematic piece of art. It may chant that we are dying on the inside, but the video has me thinking otherwise.

Ten Thirty Nine Free Album Download

15 Aug

It’s Monday morning, and what a better way to start off your week than some free punk rock music! Ten Thirty Nine offer fast paced gritty punk rock music that will have you reliving your youth basement show days, at least thats what it did for me.

I came across Ten Thirty Nine when my favourite band of August, Pentimento, retweeted that TTN were offering their music for free. You can head to their Bandcamp page to check out two singles and their 2010 full length 95.

You can stream 95 below as well as Enward Morgan Forester which is featured on the H.E.L.L. Compilation release set to drop later this year by Get Stoked! Records.


Local Man Ruins Everything Video

11 Aug

The Wonder Years just released a brand new video for their single Local Man Ruins Everything. It just so happens that this song title says a lot about my feelings towards The Wonder Years.

I’ve been listening to them for a few years now and the Won’t Be Pathetic Forever EP is still the best EP I have heard, but I have come to have a love/hate relationship with them. I love everything up to The Upsides and hate basically everything since then.

When Soupy sings I try so hard to be some great white hope, I think this says a lot about the writing process. The lyrics have become so cliche and the songs all sound the same.

Instead of sticking to what got them fans and set them apart musically from the mountains of other bands, they have conformed to the industry standards to try and sell records.

I don’t particularly think there is anything special about this song or video, but it’s still worth sharing and letting people make their own conclusions. But if you are going to listen to The Wonder Years go listen to Solo & Chewy: Holdin’ It Down (feat. Rachel Minton).

Click here to head to Alter The Press to view the new video for Local Man Ruins Everything.

Barely Blind Cover Alkaline Trio

2 Aug

Ambassador Beats brought you the free download of the Barely Blind album a few months ago and today they released their contribute to the upcoming Alkaline Trio Tribute Album. They did a great version of Nose Over Tail that had me go back and listen to my Alkaline Trio records for the first time in a long time. I am really excited for this tribute album now. Enjoy.

Live Forever Remix EP – Shad and Dallas

2 Aug

Back in January Shad and Dallas released their Two Song Ep which featured Live Forever and the Listen Remix. Fast forward seven months and the duo are back with the Live Forever Remix EP.

This EP stems from a contest Shad and Dallas held a few months ago asking for people to take their Live Forever track and give a personal spin to it. Four remixes rose the ranks and made the exclusive EP.

You can buy this EP on iTunes, its definitely worth it. To get a taste of what is on the EP, check out the Kitchen Party and Joose remixes below.

Live Forever (Kitchen Party Remix) – Shad and Dallas 

Live Forever (Joose Remix) – Shad and Dallas 

As She Drove Away She Was Listening To Benny And The Jetts

28 Jul

I first wrote about TV Girl in February of this year and ever since if you called my cell phone, I’d hear If You Want It. It is literally the perfect song to be made into a ring tone.

Well today I might just have to switch things up now that TV Girl have released a brand new EP, Benny And The Jetts. Four brand new songs that will have you feeling nostalgic but rocking out at the same time.

Check out the EP below and head to TV Girl’s Facebook page to download the EP for free!

I Said I’d Make A Believer Out Of You

28 Jul

In my misled youth I always told myself that if I could get a band together that played more than covers we would play melodic punk music. Since I am writing and not being written about, you can clearly see how well that dream went.

But if I had made that band work I would have wanted to sound just like Pentimento. This dual vocalistic melodic punk rock music is exactly what has been missing in my life lately.

Pentimento just released a new EP entitled Wrecked on Panic Records. Lucky for you, the EP is streaming in its entirely on

I highly recommend checking this band out and picking up this EP today. You can check out my favourite song on the EP Everything’s Eventual below. As well click on Read More to check out their upcoming tour schedule with Heartwell.

Everything’s Eventual – Pentimento

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