Kid Massive

Throughout your career you have crossed over into many genres including jazz, electro, punk and now house music. We also understand you were influenced by Hip Hop early in your career. What has influenced your transformation and evolution in terms of musical tastes.

I’ve always had an interest in different styles of music and respect a wide range of artists. As long as the music creates an emotion within me then I am very much open to it – be it pop music, death metal or easy listening. I was particularly drawn to the uplifting, fun spirit of hip hop and use of sampling which encouraged the step in to dance music. I actually started out as a jungle DJ!

We are eagerly awaiting your debut solo album. Being around for over a decade what made you wait until now to put this together?

It was a question of timing, about being able to put together an album that truly represents me as an artist. It has taken me a long time to learn to produce the music I like and even longer to be fully happy with my own productions. Everything over the past decade has been a steep learning curve so I’m very excited about the album and cant wait for people to hear it.
It is dance based but I would not classify it as a dance record, its something you could play at home and in a club but it could also be enjoyed by people who don’t normally listen to EDM.

Teaming up with Peyton for ‘A Little Louder’ was clearly an excellent move. Did you write this track with him in mind? Can you give us some insight into the process of making this master piece.

I’ve been a fan of Peyton since the early days of soulful and funky house, so when I got offered the chance to remix his track “You Can’t Hide” I jumped on it. He loved it so much he contacted me about doing a track together and I was just starting on the album project and had a song ready which I thought would fit him perfectly…. and it turned out it did. We recorded the main vocals pretty much in one go, laying down some extra add libs at a later point, it was a very easy process with our creative ideas flowing freely from the offset. Then it was a matter of tweaking it in the studio and testing it out in clubs until the track was ready to be mixed and mastered.

Alongside being a producer and touring, you are the head of Get Down Recordings. How do you spread your time across these various roles?

Get Down Recordings is almost a year old and we’re just about to put out the twelfth release. There are some great artists and remixers on board which I’m really proud of: Bass kleph, Muzzaik, MC Flipside, Micha Moor, Benny Royal, Phonk D’or, Tom Stephan and many others. We’re released exclusively by Disco:wax in Scandinavia and One Love in Australia/New Zealand which means our product gets an extra focus in two very strong markets. I have a great team who keep things ticking over when I’m on tour which certainly makes life on the road a lot easier. Like most producers I have a mobile studio setup so I can continue to work and produce whilst travelling.

As the summer season rolls around djs and music fanatics flock to Ibiza. Can you tell us about your most memorable experience at the famous island?

I’ve been going to the island since 2000 with my first trip being my most memorable. I remember walking straight off the plane into Pacha for the first time and hearing Erick Morillo and Bob Sinclair play back to back – the vibe was out of this world and atmosphere was truly electric! They say you always remember your first time in Ibiza and it really left it’s mark on me.

Other than ‘A Little Louder’, what is your favorite track to play out right now?

It’s a remix by Tommy Trash who has reworked an amazing song “Carry Me Home” by fellow Australian Zoe Badwi. It has all the elements I love, big heavy bass riff, massive breakdowns and an amazing vocal! This is proper main room action – I get goose bumps every time I play it.

Who is your favorite up and coming producer in the EDM scene?

The dance music scene is really healthy right now with so many great names coming up it’s hard to pick just one. I’m keeping an eye on R3hab, Damian William, David Puentez, Bassjackers and Alex Lamb as the quality of their productions are really high.

We love asking electronic music artists where they see the electronic scene going in the future. Do you have a vision of the future of EDM and if so what does it look like

I think the scene is doing really well right now in terms of grabbing the attention of non-dance music orientated crowds and I like that major artists are embracing the underground sound. My one and only fear is that it gets overdone and becomes watered down and badly produced. But you never know what might happen, this could be the start of EDM’s golden age, I would like to think so as I am a bit of an optimist and always hope for the best.

We are very excited for your album. What else can we look forward to from you and your record labels in the near future?

The second album single is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for the tasty teaser! It’s quite different from the first one and features amazing vocals from Mark Le Sal, plus we’ve got another heavy remix package lined up. Make sure you sign up to the Kid Massive website to be the first to know!

The next release on Get Down Recordings is an EP by Egyptian producer Hazem Beltagui, to be followed by our first Tech House EP with material from Bills & Hurr, Will Clarke & Deeafro and Anthony Ross & Mayavanya.

I’m also preparing for my favourite date on the calendar, the Amsterdam Dance Event, where I get a lot of business done and get to catch up with a ton of fellow DJs and Producers.

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