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31 May

The Rinse is back for a special show with tons of new music and highlighting some talent from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival that concluded today at Hart Plaza in the D. I went down saturday and caught some unreal shows so a proper review will be up this week. This show is filled with dubstep, drum and bass, house, electro and mashups. Tracklist and download links below as well as the show right under your fingertips. Click on #15 for Major Lazer & La Roux mixtape.

The Rinse DEMF by TheConductor

1. Excision & DZ- Round 2
2. Delerium- Silence (High Rankin & Evolve or Die Remix)
3. Picto- Streets of Rage (Flux Pavillion Remix)
4. M83- We Own The Sky (Udachi Dubstep Edit)
5. Praise Cats- Shined on Me ft. Andrea Love (Baitface’s Breakstep Bootleg Remix)
6. Dj Hype- Ready or Not
7. Excision & Datsik- Swagga
8. Zeds Dead- White Satin
9. Dizzee Rascal- Heavy ft. Chase & Status
10. The Boogaloo Crew- Days Go By
11. Jammer- Better Than (Lorn Remix)
12. Notorious B.I.G- Dead Wrong (Mr. Scribbles Remix)
13. B.O.B- Nothin’ On You (TC’s Switch-Up Extended Version)
14. A-Trak- We Dont Want No Goblins
15. Major Lazer & La Roux- I’m Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix ft. Gucci Mane
16. The Hood Internet- I Believe I should Looka here (Rich Boy vs. Simian Mobile Disco)
17. Haiku D’etat- Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boretta Remix)
18. Crystal Castles- Celestica (Clockwork Remix)
19. A-Trak- Stuntin’ Like My Guitar
20. Dada Life- Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix)
21. Schenk- Stanky
22. Kaskade & EDX- Dont Stop ft. Haley
23. Simian Mobile Disco- Sleep Deprivation
24. The Others- Gravity (Barletta ft. A.Lux Remix)
25. Example- Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix)


F*ck a Mix-tape, Do a Movie!

28 May

When I heard that T.I. was back, I was ecstatic at the thought of a new album filled with raw street anthems and club bangers. Well I had the same response when I learned of a T.I. mixtape, FUCK A MIX-TAPE. At this point in his career T.I. doesn’t need a mixtape. But I guess that is the point. He wants to get his name back out there. so this is a good way. Check out this interview he recently did with MTV about his latest venture. Click Here for that interview

I’m currently on my first listen to the new joint and so far so good. The Jamie Foxx intro to the record is pretty awesome.

I’ve thrown up the promo video for the album, as well I will stream one of the songs on the Box player and put the mixtape link up. Enjoy

Download T.I.’s Fuck A Mix-Tape Here

Some Sort of Superhero or Something

25 May

brandUn deShay – Volume: Three! To Get Ready

So I’ve listened to this mixtape, and all I can really say about it is that I love it. I can’t really describe what is so special about it or what stands out to me.  I really like every track, really like his flow, really like the beats, the composition, the production. It is raw and honest and funny and smart. I literally can’t say anything at all and yet can’t say enough. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to get on the brandUn deShay bandwaggon, maybe it’s because he spells his name like an idiot.

I knew when I saw the video that he was something special. Just because someone in the chorus rocks an UNREAL Fuck ‘Em hat. So awesome. Check out the video below and click on the d/l link provided to get the mixtape.

Download Mixtape Link Here

Join The Band, It Won’t Get You Girls, I Promise

24 May

I’ve been sitting on this for almost a month now but wow was it worth the wait. DJ Ritchcraft has remixed Jay-Z’s classic The Blueprint. But this isn’t your regular beats and added verses remix, but rather a Big Band addition. Ritchcraft puts together an amazing collection of mixed band parts and heavy beats while still making the album appear as if it was a live performance.

Check out the promo vid below. Click on the video itself to take you to the youtube page where you can find the album download link. Defiantly worth picking up. It will give you a new appreciation for big band music, as well rekindle your love for Jay-Z, you know its there. Perfect for summer chill music. Throw this on at the next BBQ and watch people Jam.


New A-Trak!

18 May

It is my pleasure to present some new music for you. Today I have the brand spanking new A-Trak mixtape Dirty South Dance 2! If you recall in 2007 A-Trak released the original Dirty South Dance mixtape to rave reviews and I expect nothing less from this effort.

I know the conductor is gonna love this one!
Also please be patient with us in the next few weeks, we are looking to make the move to wordpress or another site. So check back often.

Stop Those Monkeys Jumping On My Bed

17 May

What were you doing in your final year of highschool? Chasing girls? Partying? Drinking? Smoking your first L’s? Well these three high-school kids out of Cleveland are doing all of the above and then some. Pumping out mixtapes to get their name out. I grabbed this from The Musik Box today and is definitely worth checking out.

I’ve included the catchy I Got You below, and will throw the mixtape link up as well. For your enjoyment, I also have posted a picture of what the Conductor will look like by the time he puts another post up. We all know the Conductor isn’t doing anything to contribute to this website. I guess I’ll have to pick up the slack.

Chiddy Going Off

17 May

Well it appears that our fearless leader the Conductor got lazy as shit and hasn’t touched this in days so I’ll chirp him (Conductor you’re terrible at life) until he sees this. To keep you busy heres a new video of Chiddy free styling.

Remember, you can be like the conductor and wait on tracks and trains or you can be a codhopper and get the best while it happens.

Chiddy Bang – Translation Freestyle from Kibber Films/Jackpot in the West on Vimeo.

Im just kidding Conductor we love you!

You Would If You Had Robot Ears

10 May

The Rinse has been on hiatus and its been a tough transition without the weekly show. So just to keep you satisfied here are a bunch of brand new tracks making for a heavy dose of electronic music. These are definetly not for everyone but for those of you with robot ears prepare for multiple eargasms. Click on track for links for free downloads and youtube

Deadmau5- Some Chords** D/L Link
Krazy Baldhead- The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)** Youtube
Delerium- Silence (High Rankin & Evolve or Die Remix) ** D/L Link
Metallica- Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx)**D/L Link
Afrojack & Bobby Burns- Bungee (Preview) **Youtube
Dada Life- Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix) ** D/L Link
Muse- Nights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix) ** D/L Link
Excision & DZ- Round 2** Youtube
DJ Antention- Elevator 92 **D/L Link
Picto- Streets of Rage (Flux Pavillion Remix)** D/L Link
Rusko ft. Amber Coffman- Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)** D/L Link
Kelis- Acapella (Maximus/Baxter not so vocal mix)**D/L Link

If you’re in Toronto, check out Wrongbar on Wednesday nights for Bass Mentality featuring Zeds Dead and The Killabits and Plugged Not Thugged for info on electronic music in Toronto.


The Mac Life

9 May

Today has been a busy day in the Dub. Polished and published the B.o.B. review after some hard words from our fearless leader, and came across a new white boy in the rap world. His name is Mac Miller, and his mission is smoking L’s and dropping lines. He just released a mixtape entitled The High Life . Giving it a first listen right now but it definitely has some potential. Pretty sure the conductor is gonna love this kid. Check it out

The High Life Mixtape


Mashup of the Week

6 May

So I’ve been slacking hard on this blog but luckily Codhopper keeps up his twitter account (even though he’s breaking promises with this B.O.B review) so here is the mashup of the week courtesy of The White Panda. Download this track HERE

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