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Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix)

23 Nov

A couple weeks ago we brought you  the Dillon Francis remix of Earthquakey People, a new track from Steve Aoki which features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. It received quite a good reception, but Andrew W.K. has give the track the remix treatment to show how a little tweaking can change the entire feeling of a song.

You probably wouldn’t even recognize the original song other than perhaps the chorus. Steve Aoki is almost completely removed from the track all together in the Trash Remix. But strangely I am completely ok with that.

Check out the Andrew W.K. Trash Remix below and let us know what you think about which version you like better.

Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix) 

Something Deadly – Fake Figures

12 Nov

Fake Figures are a new band comprised of members of other great hardcore bands like Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow and Night Fall. They have their debut EP Hail The Sycophants set to drop digitally December 6th. Check out Something Deadly and look into Hail The Sycophants, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thrice – Words In The Water (Polaris At Noon Remix) – Free Download

12 Nov

I’ve seen Thrice a few times in concert and each time I was amazed at the their live show, but they weren’t really a band that I’d go out of my way to listen to.

Well a few days ago they released this Polaris At Noon Remix of their track Words in the Water that has me reconsidering my earlier decision. I think I’ll be going through their back catalogue this week just to see what else I’ve missed out on.

You can check out Words in the Water the Polaris At Noon Remix below and if you like it you can do a tweet for track download which is too simple to mess up.

Words In The Water (Polaris At Noon Remix) – Thrice 

Another Reybee Compilation

11 Nov

If anything the music community is loyal to those within the family. Recently a member of the Another Reybee Production company experienced a devastating house fire causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The guys at Paper + Plastic along with a slew of other labels and PR agencies have come together to put together a 41 song compilation with all proceeds going Rey Roldan.

This is a donation only download with a minimum of a dollar donation require to download this compilation. Each cent that is donated is going to help Rey Roldan get back on his feet.

You can click here to go to the Paper and Plastic website to help where you can. Check out the Polar Bear Club track from the compilation below and click on Read More to check out the full track listing.

Kneel On Nails 

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Music Video – Mis/Understanding – We Came As Romans

11 Nov

Check out this brand new music video from We Came As Romans. Mis/Understanding is from their new album which is out now on Equal Vision. Everyone needs some good hardcore music every once in a while.

CC: Artist Direct

Download A Free Escape The Fate Cragga Remix

19 Oct

In my younger darker years when my entire wardrobe consisted of black hoodies and band shirts, I regularly listened to Escape The Fate. I kind of grew out of those band shirts along with Escape The Fate but I still enjoy listening to their back catalogue when the mood is right.

Today I came across a Cragga Remix of Gorgeous Nightmare which is a track off their new self titled album. The remix is amazing but is more electro then screamo for my liking, but I guess thats why it is a remix.

The band is offering this track as a free download so you can check it out below and Click Here to head to their website to surrender your date of birth and email address for the download link. It’s well worth it.

Gorgeous Nightmare (Cragga Remix) – Escape The Fate 

Go Buy Conversation Piece – A Lot Like Birds

11 Oct

Remember in August when I told you to mark your calendars for October 11th? We’ll the day has come and its time to hit the streets and go buy Conversation Piece by A Lot Like Birds.

A Lot Like Birds are very hard to describe and you need to sit down and listen to this band with an open mind because there is a lot going on and even more to take in. If you blink you’ll miss something, take for example the break down at the 2:29 point of Think Dirty Out Loud. That’s just not the type of stuff run of the mill bands do.

The band is currently streaming three songs off the eleven track LP on their Bandcamp page and if you are looking for something a little harder, more progressive and better than the generic stuff played on radio, then Conversation Piece is right for you. Go pick up this album and remember that music exists outside of what is played on your local radio.

Watch The New Title Fight Video, Shot With A Super 8 Camera

10 Oct

I love new technology, hell I’m an Apple fanboy and always want the latest and greatest, but I have a soft spot for the vintage technology. I still love setting up the projector with my grandpa and watching the old family movies.

Title Fight are shooting for that same nostalgic feeling with their new video for Shed. It was shot back in April on an old Super 8 camera. Now I’m not going to try and bullshit you by telling you I know all about cameras, but I do know it is old and makes the video look like something special.

Noisecreep is offering the exclusive stream of the video so click here to head to their website and check it out. You’ll be impressed. It’s a great song and an even better video.

Before Their Eyes B-Side – Break

17 Aug

Before Their Eyes are heading back to the studio to record their 4th full length LP Redemption which is set for an early 2012 release on InVogue Records. In the process of preparing to head to the studio the band came across this B-Side that they enjoyed but really had no way to release it so they decided to share it with their fans.

I really like the song, as I assume most of you will as well, but the band wants to make one thing clear, this is not the direction they are going for their new record. They released this statement along with the song.

This B-Side track is just something we wanted tour fans to hear. It doesn’t represent the style we are going for on our new album, it is just a song we thought was good & didn’t know what else to do with it. We are going back to our classic style on this new album & we even wrote 6 of the songs with our old guitarist Landon Tewers (now in The Plot In You). We are just honestly thankful to be on our fourth record, it is very rare for a band in our scene to get this many records out

Think Dirty Out Loud – A Lot Like Birds

17 Aug

If blogging has taught me anything, it is to check out bands that your favourite bands enjoy. So when I The Mighty put up on Facebook that their friends A Lot Like Birds just released a single from their upcoming album, I thought I had better check it out, and am I ever glad that I did.

Think Dirty Out Loud is the first single off Conversation Piece, which is set to drop October 11th on Doghouse Records. The song instantly reminded me of The Fall of Troy, which is quite the compliment if I do say so myself. But what impressed me most about A Lot Like Birds is how tight the instrumental parts are. With running guitar lines and sudden breaks and starts, it really shows the talent that exists within this band. I have definitely marked down October 11th on my calendar so I remember to pick up Conversation Piece when it drops, you should do the same.

The Other Shoe Video – Fucked Up

16 Aug

Fucked Up just released the second video from their latest release David Comes To Life. The Other Shoe is a cinematic piece of art. It may chant that we are dying on the inside, but the video has me thinking otherwise.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk Free Song and Album Re-Release

11 Jul

I first wrote about Chunk! No, Captan Chunk back in March and mentioned their 2010 album Something For Nothing. Four months after my discovery, they have decided to re-record and re-release this album. There are not any new songs or bonus material, but it sounds as if they recorded the album again in a better studio.

You can see the kick-ass cover art above, and if you move quick, you can download a song off the re-release from But the free song download is only available until Wednesday. Check out Captain Blood below, and if you like it, go download it.

Captain Blood – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk

The Air I Breathe Album Release

7 Jun

Headbangers get ready for something new. The Air I Breathe released a brand new LP today entitled Great Faith In Fools and it has me ready to find a mosh pit and unleash some fury.

Great Faith In Fools is being released on Velocity and Rise Records and if you like what you hear you can find The Air I Breathe on tour in a town near you this summer. They are featured on the Scream Like You Mean It Tour which also will have Breathe Carolina, Chiodos, I See Stars, Tek-One and The Color Morale.

The album is filled with running guitar lines and mosh-pit worthy break downs. I especially liked Desolate and Disowned as well as The Life They Promised.

You can check out both tracks below and can pick up this album from the Rise Records Online Merch Store. 

Desolate and Disowned – The Air I Breathe
The Life They Promised – The Air I Breathe 

I The Mighty Sign to Equal Vision

7 Jun

We have to give a big shout out to Ambassador Beats favourite I The Mighty today. They have officially signed to Equal Vision Records and have a new EP coming out this fall. I The Mighty were one of the first bands to reach out to Ambassador Beats and thank us for featuring their music on our blog so it feels great to hear that they got picked up by Equal Vision. I can’t wait to hear the new EP and new material in the next year. Congrats to them.

New Music Video From Title Fight

5 May

After their debut LP Shed dropped this week, Title Fight decided to release a brand new video for their single 27. Ambassador Beatsbrought you 27 when it was first released in February so it’s great to now bring you the video three months later. If you haven’t gone out to pick up this album yet, you’re missing out.

Brand New Song From Set Your Goals

4 May

Set Your Goals have just released a brand new song off their upcoming album Burning At Both Ends. Expect that album on June 28th. Exit Summer was just released today so check it out and prepare yourself for Burning At Both Ends

Queen of Hearts- F*cked Up

4 May

This is probably one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Fucked Up are set to released David Comes To Live on June 7th and if this song is any indication we are in for an outstanding album.

Queen of Hearts is a fast paced preview into the life of David as this album is apparently a “rock opera”. This is the 4th single to be released from the album and the last before it is released in June.

You can listen and download the song below. Enjoy

Queen of Hearts – Fucked Up

Life On Repeat Rocks

3 May

Good life tip here, always volunteer to do the dishes, always. It really isn’t that bad and can usually be done in 15 minutes if you are motivated. But more importantly, it gives you 15 straight minutes to listen to new music you’ve acquired but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. It’s a good way to rediscover music you’ve forgotten about, and changes up your listening preferences.

Yesterday while doing the dishes I listened to the new Take Action Volume 10 compilation which features bands like Four Year Strong, Polar Bear Club, Circa Survive, You Me and Everyone We Know and The Wonder Years. But of all these bands, the song that stood out to me the most was Myself In Mirrors by Life on Repeat.

I went back and listened to that song 3 or 4 more times before I finally looked them up and found their bandcamp page. I was blown away by what I heard. It’s melodic popcore at its very best. There is the perfect mix of driving guitar breakdowns and sing-a-long vocal lines. Life On Repeat are offering their  2009 As I Grew EP for a name-you-price download. It definitely worth checking out to get yourself familiar with as they are set to release a brand new LP on Equal Vision entitled Struggle + Sleep. That hits the shelves on June 11th.

You can stream Life On Repeat’s As I Grew EP below and rock out to that for another month until the LP is released. I’m expecting great things from this LP so Ambassador Beats will keep you updated on all the latest Life On Repeat news.

Crucify Me (Antichrist Remix)

3 Apr

Bring Me The Horizon are nothing new to the remix game, infact they released an entire remix album entitled Suicide Season Cut Up a few years back, and it was only a matter of time before the remixes started for their latest album.

Antichrist have given the remix treatment to Crucify Me, one of my favourite songs off Bring Me The Horizons latest release, There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Lets Keep It A Secret.

You can check out the remix below, it hasn’t been made available to download yet, but as soon as it is, we’ll post the link. Enjoy.

Bring Me The Horizon – Crucify Me (Antichrist Remix)

New Protest The Hero Music Video

29 Mar

This video was released exclusively yesterday but was finally put on youtube for all to enjoy and share. Check out the first single from Protest The Hero’s new album Scurrilous. C’est la Vie is the first single and this video is simplistic but lets the music take the lead. Check it out and go pick up Scurrilous today.

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