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Avicii- Live in DC + New Track

26 Nov

Speaking of Avicii… the guys over at were nice enough to post his 3 hour set from DC Armory. I rarely listen to sets let alone post them but this is worth a listen just for the opening track. A new unidentified and unreleased hit starts off the set and the Justice sample is impeccable.

Give it a listen and head over to for the full track list.

Avicii – Live at DC Armory (Washington DC) 11-18-2011

Avicii – Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough) (Pixel Cheese ‘Hype Machine’ Mix)

26 Nov

Pixel Cheese aptly named his latest bootleg the ‘Hype Machine’ Mix as it will no doubt make the rounds of every self respecting blog out there. The remix adds some much needed energy and is very comparable to the Project 46 bootleg that was unleased this week.

Keeping the vocals and breakdown intact adds to the anticipation and magnitude of the driving base line and synth filled drop and makes this a big winner in my books.

Either way, this is a great alternative to the original and will be well received at your saturday night festivities.

Support the cheese:

Avicii – Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough) (Pixel Cheese ‘Hype Machine’ Mix)

Michael Woods ft. Duvall- Last Day On Earth

25 Nov

Michael Woods’ latest release is nothing short of EPIC. ‘Last Day On Earth’ was released today on his Diffused imprint and will no doubt be a major milestone in his already booming portfolio.

The track features unbelievable vocals from Duvall which carry the theme and underlying majestic feel that transcend throughout the song. A serious club banger with buildups and drops that could have been created by God himself.

This track will leave you with a feeling of fulfillment incomparable to any release of late and is a must have for any house music lover.

Michael Woods- Last Day On Earth (Original Mix) BUY

Natalia Kills- Wonderland (Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself Dub)

25 Nov

I have no idea how this slipped through the cracks but luckily a new remix from Roger Sanchez has surfaced.

A bouncy track filled with chopped up vocals, high pitched synths and a fun uplifting vibe that will be a major crowd pleaser this weekend.

Natalia Kills- Wonderland (Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself Dub)

Michael Woods – “First Aid Matters” (Eddie Thoneick Vocal Bootleg)

25 Nov

‘First Aid’ gets a well deserved vocal boost from Eddie Thoneick turning this already uplifting anthem into full on bliss. The breakdowns are out of this world and the driving drops will propel even the shyest of dancers into the mix.

And the coolest thing about this is that Eddie was kind enough to give it away fo FREE!

Michael Woods – “First Aid Matters” (Eddie Thoneick Vocal Bootleg)

Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix)

23 Nov

A couple weeks ago we brought you  the Dillon Francis remix of Earthquakey People, a new track from Steve Aoki which features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. It received quite a good reception, but Andrew W.K. has give the track the remix treatment to show how a little tweaking can change the entire feeling of a song.

You probably wouldn’t even recognize the original song other than perhaps the chorus. Steve Aoki is almost completely removed from the track all together in the Trash Remix. But strangely I am completely ok with that.

Check out the Andrew W.K. Trash Remix below and let us know what you think about which version you like better.

Earthquakey People – Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo (Andrew W.K. Trash Remix) 

Download A Free Remix Album from Young Galaxy

23 Nov

Do you like free music? Do you like remixes? Do you like Young Galaxy? I’m not stupid, despite what The Conductor implies…I know that the answer to those questions is yes. Well do we have a treat for you today.

Young Galaxy have given the remix treatment to 11 of their favourite songs from some of their favourite artists. I’ve worked my way through the album and I was extremely impressed.

I like that Young Galaxy are showcasing some of their favourite bands and giving this album away for free. You can check out the Young Galaxy remix of Michigan Left by Arkells. As well you can download the album for free here, as well as below.

Download Versus – Young Galaxy 

Michigan Left – Arkells (Young Galaxy Remix) 

Electric Chapel – Lady Gaga (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

23 Nov

First off, I respect the talent that Lady Gaga possesses. It’s not easy to pump out number 1 singles, but I absolutely hate what she stands for. The whole “born this way” gag is such a load of shit. You were born with face implants and having to wear giant costumes for every day life?

Anyways, I bring you a new remix of Electric Chapel simply for the fact that Two Door Cinema Club are one of my favourite bands and I feel obligated to post this. They actually make this song listenable and I am semi interested in seeing what else this Remix album has in store.

Check out Electric Chapel the Two Door Cinema Club remix below.

Electric Chapel – Lady Gaga (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

Kill The Noise- Dying

23 Nov

I’ve been really shying away from dubstep as of late due to what I perceive as a sick game that was started by Skrillex. The game goes like this… let’s see who can produce the most abrasive, glitchy, non-melodic, irritating noise and pass it off as a work of art. Secretly they all know that what they are producing isn’t good but they praise each other to no end which in turn redefines the meaning of ‘good music’.

But the worst part is the game never ends, and the ante keeps getting higher and higher. And then you get all these new producers trying to join in and the coolness of it all loses appeal. BUT, we always have HOPE and if there really is a god we will one day, get back to square one.

With that being said, Kill The Noise just released an album. ‘Kill Kill Kill’ was released yesterday on Skrillex’s label- OWSLA. The standout track for me is ‘Dying’ which features Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson. The soothing vocals are a refreshing accompaniment alongside the wobbles and serves to break up the darkness of the album.

Check out the rest of ‘Kill Kill Kill’ and grab yourself a copy HERE.

Kill The Noise- Dying ft. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson (Original Mix)

Marcy Playground- Sex & Candy (Papa Skunk Remix)

22 Nov

Papa Skunk delivers a STANKY but very tasteful remix to the classic ‘Sex & Candy’. A member of The Skunk Boys and specializing in Colorado Crunk it would seem that the Papa is straight out of Garbage Pail Kids spinoff but nevertheless he produces some ‘filthy’ dubstep.

I could go on all day or you could just go to his Facebook to find out the DIRTY deets.

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy (Papa Skunk Remix)

Flo-Rida vs Deniz Koyu vs Junior Sanchez vs Shawnee Taylor – Are You Ready Girl (Mikael Weermets Bootleg)

22 Nov

Throughout the duration of a song your mind can go through a variety of emotions. From happy to sad to angry there is no limit to what music can do to our brains.

In the short period between 1:45-2:45 of this crazy bootleg from Mikael Weermets, my level of motivation and energy went from 0 to tipping the scales. This is a perfect floor filler/workout song or just plain motivation to get up in the morning. Must be played LOUD!

Go Buy Part & Parcel – Make Do and Mend

22 Nov

The go buy album this week is an easy choice. The new Part & Parcel acoustic EP from Make Do and Mend is a wonderfully simplistic rock record that is more than worth your time.

I’m new to the Make Do and Mend party but I am first to sing their praise. When I came across this EP I knew it was time to share it with you all. There are six songs that combine acoustic guitars, piano melodies and soft drum beats that leave the majority of the emphasis on the vocals.

This album is a steal at just under six dollars on iTunes and I highly recommend checking out Ghostal and Transparent Seas below if you like acoustic indie rock.

We have been posting some mainstream acts to Go Buy recently, but remember it is the smaller non-major label bands that need your support the most. Go out and get this EP, I know I say this a lot, but you will be impressed.

Ghostal – Made Do and Mend
Transparent Seas – Make Do and Mend  

Deniz Koyu vs. Kaskade vs. Fatboy Slim

21 Nov

Deniz Koyu’s ‘Hertz’ hasn’t really been herting for attention. The track has been essential in the latest onslaught of mashups and bootlegs and Kaskade’s latest FREE Monday mashup is proof.

Also, if you missed Tiesto’s Club Life last week then get yourself acquainted with Makj & Politik whose ‘Hertz’ mashup was featured on the show.

Kaskade vs. Deniz Koyu – It’s You It’s Hertz (Kaskade Mash Up)

Deniz Koyu Vs Fat Boy Slim – Hertz Ya Mama (MAKJ & POLITIK Bootleg)

MAD DECENT Moombahton Documentary

21 Nov

Moombahton has been one of the fastest growing genres since dubstep took OVER the world in recent years. If you’re new to Moombahton then this is a great documentary to familiarize yourself with the founder- Dave Nada and its worldwide domination.

Avicii – Enough is Enough (Project 46 Bootleg)

21 Nov

It’s only fair that after we completely ignored Project 46 that we show some IMMEDIATE love for their newest release.

I have literally listened to ‘Enough Is Enough’ so many times that my Gramma could record herself banging some pots and pans together, add it to the instrumentals and it would sound better than the original.

This is not to take away from the brilliance that the Canadian duo have placed upon this anthem because it is indeed a special bootleg. And a FREE download too??? Can’t beat that…

Avicii – Enough is Enough (Project 46 Bootleg)

Nov 14-18 – Codhoppers Weekly Playlist

20 Nov

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent lately. This comes from a variety of reasons, including a busy work week, family illness and an 8 month pregnant fiancé…Along with all of these things there has also been a lack lustre amount of music to report on. Last week was HUGE with albums leaking so when the big Drake and Gambino albums dropped, everyone had already heard them.

Besides all of that I still managed to work my way through a good amount of music at work this week. You’ll notice that I got into listening to a series of albums from one artist in a row. It may not expose me to a lot of different artists, but it is a good way to hear the span of music an artist has produced. I listened to a lot of good music this week, so click on Read More to check out my weekly playlist. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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Hardwell vs Red Carpet – Cobra is Gonna Be Alright (Project 46 Mashup)

19 Nov

I don’t know how this one slipped threw the cracks but thankfully we didn’t completely miss the boat on Project 46. The Canadian duo have released some excellent mashups and tore up the Hype Machine charts last week with their two new original tracks.

But this mashup takes the cake for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of Hardwell’s ‘Cobra’ but with the addition of ‘Everything is gonna be Alright’ this is a biggg big tune. Find plenty more HERE.

Hardwell vs Red Carpet – Cobra is Gonna Be Alright (Project 46 Mashup)

Childish Gambino vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers (Vico Ono Mashup)

19 Nov

Vico Ono always strikes when the irons hot and with the success of Childish Gambino’s latest album i’d say this is perfect timing. He takes the standout track ‘Bonfire’ and mixes it with the always pleasant instrumental from ‘Under The Bridge’.

Download ‘Bonfire Under The Bridge’ below and head over to Vico Ono’s Soundcloud page for many more mashups.

Childish Gambino vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Bonfire Under The Bridge (Vico Ono Mashup)

Timbaland ft. Pitbull- Pass At Me (Tim Mason Remix)

18 Nov

Usually the mention of Pitbull makes my ears retract into my head and my hand immediately search for the radio dial but Tim Mason has made the unexpectable possible.

He transformed this top 40 hit into a club banger with his usual high energy driving basslines and tantalizing buildups. Another beauty to add to the weekend set list.

Timbaland ft. Pitbull- Pass At Me (Tim Mason Remix)

Armin van Buuren ft. Adam Young- Youtopia (Michael Woods Remix)

18 Nov

Armin Van Buuren teams up with the vocalist from Owl City to get the Michael Woods techy treatment. ‘Youtopia’ is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Buuren’s latest album- Mirage and builds up like a radio friendly dance tune but drops like a signature Michael Woods underground rave track. I love the mix of euphoric proggy house with the darker drops and this will for sure be a crowd pleaser this weekend.

Download ‘Youtopia’ and if you’re looking for new Armin buy the deluxe edition of ‘Mirage’ which features remixes of all the original tracks plus a bonus DVD.

Armin Van Buuren ft. Adam Young- Youtopia (Michael Woods Remix)

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